Things I love about Canada

Having lived in other countries and traveled extensively I’ve come to realise that Canadians really are the nicest people in the world. Like – the nicest. Japanese people are the cutest but also very nice and Taiwanese are also super nice actually…maybe Canadians are the friendliest! Much more than Australians…and American’s certainly not the loudest but up there with all those hot Latin American countries and those spicy Spaniards and feisty Italians! Anyways Canadians are definitely the friendliest and some other things I’ve noticed that Canada has going for it are detailed below.

Things Canada has going for it:

  • Poutine. This is like the best thing Canada has going for it, in my opinion. Some will say cheesy fries are just like poutine but they are so so very mistaken. What makes a poutine so special is the cheese curds – they have to have just the right amount of squeak to make an authentic poutine. It’s also important that you ask for the poutine to be layered – fries, cheese, fries, cheese, gravy. This way you can maximise the stringy goodness in every bite. I don’t really recommend putting the gravy in the middle because then the fries on the bottom will get soggy UNLESS you’re a human vacuum in which case it’s ok. My personal favourite is Smoke’s Poutinerie which is a chain in Canada – GET THE VEGGIE GRAVY. Why? It is far superior than the beef, this isn’t even about being semi vegetarian or environmentalist or anything – just pure taste. So much better! Current state: Drenched from my own drool.
  • Ketchup flavoured chips and dill pickle flavoured chips. This is also the best thing Canada has going for it. These chips are bursting with so much flavour it makes my taste buds want to tingle off. I personally love that feeling. My favourite brands are Old Dutch and Humpty Dumpty, both a little hard to find but totally super worth it.
  • Canada also has maple syrup but so does like some parts of America but really no one cares about syrup in America. Maple syrup is just like a staple for so many things – including meat. And is often the secret ingredient in a lot of dressings – a dollop of syrup. Sometimes I use it to replace honey. It’s good on ice cream. Pancakes of course – bacon a must!!
  • Celine Dion. She’s seriously our national treasure. WORLDWIDE everyone loves her. I mean that, like Egypt especially – everyone’s ringtone is Celine. And her voice is powerful and I’m in love with her because she’s everyone’s first love  by default.
  • Justin Trudeau – I mean, he’s super nice so it’s hard not to like him.
  • Diversity. I really really really really love that. The diversity in Canada is so nice in a way we encourage people to keep their cultures AND be super nice at the same time. So that’s the best.
  • I feel our air is pretty clean so when I breathe I don’t feel like there are pollutants going into my nostrils.

Actually one time, I asked a flight attendant who the nicest country in the world was because you know they travel everywhere and they meet all types of people and when you’re traveling it’s like stressful and you’re tired and everything and you know what? She said CANADIANS. PROOF.

  • Sorry and thank you, all the time. I actually love that. I am really constantly saying sorry or thank you and it makes me feel really good. You can never really be too apologetic or too grateful!

And with that, thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you get to visit Canada someday, it’s like the best.

  • Oh another best thing, Ceaser’s! They’re like Bloody Mary’s but WAY better. Instead of tomato juice (ew) we use Clamato juice – which sounds ew but isn’t. It’s clam juice mixed with tomato juice which make the whole drink lighter but with an extra special tangy PUNCH!!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments. I always love hearing from you. Thanks for reading!!!! You’re the best!

My pet peeves

Honestly. I was supposed to post yesterday and then I promised I would post towards the end of Wednesday and really I should have and I apologise for not. The good news is before, I was trying to write this post, “My favourite part of Hong Kong” but I’ve been sick since Sunday (today is Thursday) and I’m just like ugh, you know? Just ugh.

So now my ugh feeling has inspired me to write this post about my pet peeves. Not an overly positive post but it’s gotta be said. In no particular order:

  • Bad customer service, there really is nothing worse, especially considering you’re in the service industry – I mean, that’s your job. So why do you suck at your job.
  • Similiar to above, sometimes in when you’re traveling and you want to bargain for something people will treat you like you’re stupid and start yelling at you. Eg. Traveling with my boyfriend in Sri Lanka, thinking about getting some elephant pants. Touch a pair of pants and suddenly a man comes up to us, and tells us it’s 60USD for these pants. Lest we forget, we are in a marketplace. In Sri Lanka. No way these pants cost 60USD. Shouting proceeds – feel the material, it’s so soft, it’s 100% cotton, look at the craftsmanship…Do I look like I don’t know the value of 60USD? And please stop shouting at me.

  • When I see that someone’s been online but they didn’t read my message. Why not? Me first!
  • Or when I see that someone has read my message but didn’t say anything in response
  • OR when I am in the middle of a text based conversation with someone and then they suddenly disappear. Brb is just 3 letters!!
  • When I ask a question but it doesn’t get answered. Like fluff just came out of someone else’s mouth – that is so annoying!
  • Or completely unrelated, I buy something brand new and it has a scratch on it or something – how? JUST HOW?
  • Has it ever happened to you that you have a bag of trash that falls over but you didn’t close it, so now there’s trash all over the ground? And it has to be the time you put something small inside like, coffee grounds so now they are EVERYWHERE!!

You know what I realised? That my pet peeves turned into things that annoy me – they are kind of the same but not and so I digress. This is enough.

This vs That II

A long long time ago, I did a post called this vs that – where I name 2 things and then pick which one I prefer, this vs that.

Socks vs Barefoot

My cute cat socks I got in Seoul!!!

Ummm I don’t even know why I wrote this one because even I’m not that sure, but I guess I would have to say socks but not by a huge difference, just a little. Cause I just like my foot to be wrapped up. And I have some really cute socks. I have no problem with my feet and I hate when my feet are cold, so socks.

Cake vs Pie

Definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY PIE. I love pie! My favourite is pumpkin pie, I also like lemon tart which is pie like and apple is of course nice, along with blueberry and strawberry rhubarb. For the most part I hate cake. I like cheesecake and ice cream cake and carrot cake (with no nuts and raisins) and that’s about it. Usually what I don’t like about cake is the icing – too sweet and too fake, and I don’t like the density and texture of cake. Pooey.

Pants vs No Pants

Of course, no pants is ideal but most of the time not really manageable. I actually prefer leggings if I am wearing pants because skinny jeans are SUCH A STRUGGLE. Why you gotta be so tight? And that button is just digging into me. Like Wow, this is uncomfortable. Maybe I’m just buying pants too small but I like to think it’s the pants fault and not mine.

East Coast vs West Coast

There’s no doubt I am an East Coast girl – even on the West Coast they ask me if I’m from the East Coast – something to do with my chill factor being very low I presume or doing a million things at once. Plus I am a fast talker. I think West Coast is more slow in almost everything. So East Coast.

Mac vs PC

This is a tough one because you know what? I am not going to lie. I LOVE THE MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE, and I know they have a version for Mac but it’s far far far less superior, like it totally sucks. And I hate Google sheets, numbers, gmail…I LOVE OUTLOOK. But I do have a Mac – and I guess I like the look of it all but honestly the Mac gives me all sorts of problems and my ecosystem is never seamless between all my devices which really annoys me. So in the end I guess I have to say neither. Both just get better!

Super magical moment outside of my apartment!!


I’m really sorry, since I started Youtube, I’ve been neglecting my blog – and/or trying to figure out when I should blog vs Youtube. ANYWAYS, excuses excuses – but also I got food poisoning Wednesday to now. the plane ride was NOT FUN from Bali to Hong Kong on Wednesday night. Anyways, ANYWAYS, here I am in bed, close to the bathroom, and the most magical moment happened.

I heard this sound, like music from outside my window – and I know that song, the Mario theme song! Haha, I haven’t heard that in so long – so I look outside my window and I see a black scary type looking van backing up and as it backs up it’s playing this theme song. Just nooooo way, it can’t be! Then it parks itself. Opens up and it’s just bottles and bottles of water inside. Ok, so a man and a woman deliver some bottles of water while I wait perched at my window sill for the van to move again, poised with my phone on video mode.

And it does it – it moves forward at first, but I know it has to back up because that street is a one way dead end narrow street and I know the van only makes the sound backing up and then IT DOES, IT DOES IT AGAIN!!!! Oh happy day!

YSL TINT IN BALM – Storytime

Guys, I can’t. Also – let me know, when do I  blog, when do I Tube?

Youtube’s TMI Tag

Hey you know what? Sorry, last week I posted on my Youtube and not my blog and I can’t seem to sort when to post on Youtube and when on my blog and I didn’t notify you F for Fans – apologies. Here is last week’s post.

Spring has sprung!

Every season I post my likes & dislikes because that’s just what I do.


RPM – I love spin class – it is probably my most favourite workout. I feel like I am totally connected to the music and I don’t even need to listen to the instructor, I can just hear the beat, feel the ride and be alive. What an amazing feeling! (Note: RPM is not to be confused with SoulCycle – actually, I dislike SoulCycle because it’s more of a pop dance vs an edm ride)

Surfing – even though I’m not that good at it, I mean, I’m ok once I get up but paddling out there is a real pain BUT I love this all encompassing feeling and being above water – something very cool about that. It’s not cool when you fall – immediate rag doll!! Fear of hitting my head with a board of even worse, someone running over you. I guess I don’t surf that often, but I have, and maybe I have mixed feelings about it now that I think about it…

Buying bathing suits – I think I wrote about this once before but my love continues! I have so many bathing suits. I can’t stop, won’t stop buying them. It’s just this weird thing I have and it’s weirder because I don’t even like swimming or getting wet really or wearing a bathing suit.

Soju – this might come as a surprise, but I love soju and even better? Soju bombs, nothing gets me drunk faster and tastes as good!

Packing – I love to pack, please refer to my Australia post. I love organising things in little bags, and I recently bought little bags to put inside my bigger bags. My life motto is basically you can’t have enough bags.

Golden Gaytime – this ice cream is life changing. I mean really – I was introduced to it in Sydney and believe it is only an Australian thing – and basically it’s a combination of all the best things in the world. Vanilla ice cream, covered in caramel, chocolate and then biscuit. BISCUIT. Like you can’t even imagine. Delicious!

Shenzhen, China – actually this city deserves it’s own post! I will have to write or video about this. What a fun city with so much to do. Like really unique things. I mean, eating in a Mongolian tent, seeing the Wonders of the World but in half their size, the electronics market, the painting village – and Obama’s brother lives there, I mean, WOW. I love it there.


Getting wet: Like I said, I hate getting wet. I barely like getting in the shower – but the thing with the shower is I feel like I do a lot good thinking in there, it’s a very creative time thought wise, so I like that.

Unpacking: So I love packing but I HATE TO UNPACK. Which is weird because you’d think it’s just like packing things into a different place, like drawers – but no, something about it, I just hate.

Doing the dishes: Even with gloves, my hands, the water – maybe it goes back to getting wet. Horrible.

Socks with crappy elastics: WOW, I am having a major sock issue lately. All my socks are falling down. I hate when your socks fall down, and they’re half way on but you have your shoes on – so uncomfortable. I need new socks.

Baked salmon: I basically had so much baked salmon that I am super sick of it.

Cloudy days: Wow severe depression

Cramps: Sometimes I hate my uterus.