Makeup Favourites for natural, radiant look

For those of you who see me often this post may come as a surprise to you as I rarely wear makeup. But just because I rarely wear it doesn’t mean I don’t know a lot about it. With the birth of the internet my research skills have taken over my life and now I know more than I would like too.

Note: I used to wear more makeup in the past when I didn’t leave in sauna or teach yoga almost everyday – it seems silly to be wearing makeup when you are in and out of the gym and melting in the Hong Kong sun. That being said – I am a snob when it come stop most things and makeup is definitely one of them. Everything I mention in this post is tried and true. This post isn’t sponsored because I’m not famous. Lol.

Oh I should also mention I( have been maintaining my Sephora VIB status for 3 years while living in Hong Kong – impressive!


I think a good skincare routine is the basis for a good face so I highly recommend starting there. I don’t think most people need to use foundation but many do – I never have, the closest I come is this:

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Photo Cred: Pink Sith

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Photo Cred: Pink Sith

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – 44USD

Why I like it: I like it because it is lightweight – it leaves a dewy, radiant glow, blends easily and it acts as a moisturiser with natural ingredients that overtime help to improve your complexion.

Note: I use this for special occasions only when I want to really even out and brighten my skin tone. Especially great if there are cameras around. Paparazzi after me. If I am using this I won’t use a makeup primer. Note that I have not included a makeup primer in this post as I have yet to find one that I swear by.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer Photo Cred:

Full Cover Concealer Photo Cred:


Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer – 34USD

Why I like it: It doesn’t move. This concealer is meant not for your under eye (but that’s what I use it for – pushing boundaries, exploring new frontiers – I’m a pioneer!).

Note: I used to work crazy hours like 17 hours a day and you just do not want to look like a panda bear – no matter how cute they are. I also tried Amazing Cosmetics which they use on Gossip Girl but I didn’t like the consistency as much and the staying power wasn’t as strong.


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Photo Cred:

Bobbi Brown
Shimmer Brick Photo Cred:

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – Color Bronze – 25USD

Why I like it: It gives you a perfect glow without being too brown (depending on your skin town, I am a dark olive with yellow undertones).

Note: I really like the natural but enhanced look – radiant and fresh, so I think this is perfect for that. And it’s not too glittery. I use this on my cheeks and my T zone.

Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Powder Photo Cred:

Ambient® Lighting Powder Photo Cred:

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – Color Luminous Light – 47USD

Why I like it: This powder makes you look like you’re by candlelight and EVERYONE  looks good by candlelight. This powder softens the look of the skin – diffusing light to make you look brighter with more refined skin. I use it when I don’t want to use the shimmer brick (winter for example) and I always use it under my eye and above me eyebrow in a C shape to brighten up my eyes and use it as a setting powder of the concealer.

tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Photo Cred:

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Photo Cred:

tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush – 28USD

Why I like it: It comes in 18 of the most naturally beautiful colors. The color seems to come from within your skin giving you that flushed natural glow. I absolutely love that. I don’t think it lasts 12 hours but I love the pigment and the way it goes on the skin. They can easily be layered and blended. Another great feature is the packaging – the compact is the same color as the blush inside – helpful when rummaging through your makeup bag.

Special Mention: Nars Blush – Color Orgasm – Cult classic, I am a big fan of this as well but only when I am not wearing the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick as Orgasm is quite shimmery on it’s own.


I don’t wear eyeliner really so you won’t see that on here – I would recommend the Bobbi Brown eye liner gel – that’s what I would use if I had the time to carefully apply. I also use the Sephora eyebrow pencil – I don’t have much experience with eyebrow pencils and currently feel that an eyebrow pencil is an eyebrow pencil. I do like how it defines your face, that pencil.

And eyeshadow – I really like the Sephora brand eyeshadows – cheap and cheerful and they stay on. Urban Decay is nice but somehow I always gravitate towards Sephora rather than my Naked palettte. I really dislike Nars eyeshadow – don’t  bother  unless you want to see the creases of your eyelids. That being said, I rarely wear eyeshadow but when I do I prime it with Urban Decay Eye Primer.

Prescriptives Lash Builder Mascara Basecoat Photo Cred:

Prescriptives Lash Builder Mascara Basecoat Photo Cred:

Prescriptives Lash Builder Mascara Basecoat – 20USD

Why I like it: I’ve tried many basecoats to mascara including the infamous Dior but there’s nothing quite like this one – it coats each lash effortlessly – building and separating each one making it easy to glide mascara on and not have to wiggle the wand back and forth or try really hard. It’s just easy and it works.

Note: This brand used to be sold in high end department stores and was known for customising foundation and lipstick to your needs they’ve since shut down all their physical locations and only have an online store of which items can be shipped within the USA only. While this is a pain, I still think it’s worth it. They often do promotions as well! Free size bronzer with purchase etc.

Prescriptives Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara Photo Cred:

Prescriptives Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara Photo Cred:

Prescriptives Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara – 23USD

Why I like it: The natural companion to the lash builder this lash mascara goes on easily and delivers the volume. I do think however after many hours it can begin to flake – I am interested in trying the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and the Tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara. I’ve read lots of great reviews on both.

Note: I have tried Dior Dior Show – it doesn’t have the same fanning effect. I’ve tried lots of mascaras from Maybelline to Lancome to Clinque to Benefit and right now this still takes the cake. Also note, I always want the volumizing look – sometimes the false eyelashes look to but what I’ve learned is volume is good – a little beyond natural and then some, but the false lashes mascara often looks too thick, too clumpy and not nice. If you want the false lashes look – get false lashes or eyelash extensions. It will look much better!


I tend to gravitate toward MAC lipsticks and Nars lipsticks. And I like Chanel lipgloss (Side story: Once in a bar I pulled out my lipgloss and a boy asked me what flavour it was – FLAVOUR? We’re in a bar! Not a playground. I said, “It’s not a flavour – it’s Chanel” – feels like I was in a commercial right there, lol.

For everyday I LOVE Dior Dior Addict Lip Glow – 33USD

Dior Dior Addict Lip Glow Photo Cred:

Dior Dior Addict Lip Glow Photo Cred:

Why I like it: Essentially it is a very expensive chapstick but BETTER. Lip glow takes the natural color of your lips and brightens it. Pale lips no more! You look healthy and cute!

Note: They often sell this on the plane with it’s counter part lipgloss. You can get a deal!


I set it all with Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – 30USD

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Photo Cred:

Urban Decay
All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Photo Cred:

Why I like it: Honestly I think it’s placebo effect but at the same time I can’t be sure because I’ve been using it so long. This setting spray is lightweight – smells good and is suppose to let your makeup stay for up to 16h! Supposedly it cools down the temperature of your makeup so it doesn’t melt – maybe it does…

Note: I also tried their similar product but for oily skin – I really didn’t like this – it made my skin MORE oily.

There you have it! Go be beautiful!

Protein Chips!

Because protein shakes are seriously gross and protein bars for the most part are also gross. I could just eat foods that are high in protein but protein chips seem like the future.

Cause here’s the thing, I love chips. Like so much. I like how crunchy and flavorful they are and since moving to Hong Kong, I mean it’s really interesting because they just don’t have aisles of chips here like they do in Canada (or gasp! America). So much chip intake has gone down which is probably better for my physical health but not my mental health.

ANYWAYS – along with chips, I thought I would list a couple of my other favourite foods.

  • Pho – pho sure I could eat this EVERYDAY. Like every single day. Too bad Hong Kong has crappy and expensive pho. If they had amazing and cheap pho I would be pho fat.
  • Bread – bread to me tastes like candy but I almost never eat bread so it’s even more extra special to me.
  • Rice noodles, though I think this kind of falls under the pho category they are also used in Pad Thai, and other Asian type noodle soups…YUM
  • Sushi – salmon sushi – spicy salmon sushi – uni – scallop – I mean mostly all types. I like handrolls too. I like sashimi.
  • Gyoza – oh yeah, I could have like 20 of those. Maybe 30.
  • Oysters and lobster are my favourite seafoods – I could eat 50 oysters. I think I have.
The way forward. Photo Source: Progress Fitness

The way forward. Photo Source: Progress Fitness

Anyways back to protein chips – it’s like one bag has 120 calories are 21 grams of protein. I’m talking about the Quest brand protein chips. I literally don’t know anything else about them like how good they are or bad they are for you etc. All I know is that I can have a bag of chips after I work out and that is a huge win to me. Though they are a bit expensive, $3usd/bag? Maybe less but I suppose all protein supplements are around that cost. I buy mine off – there are several flavours:

  • BBQ – I generally just don’t like the BBQ flavor and I still don’t in this particular chip
  • Sea Salt – Too SALTY
  • Salt & Vinegar – Have yet to try but I’ve ordered it and I’m excited!
  • Sour Cream and Onion – I think is quite YUM and doesn’t have the same heavy taste that other brands might
  • Cheddar and Sour Cream – I have this at home and I haven’t tried it but I’m going to. Keep you posted.

That’s it. This might be the worst post of all time. I’m sorry but hopefully you got something out of it. Protein chips! The way of the future.

32 things I’ve learned: Part 2/2

So I’ve been 32 for 11 and 3/4 days approximately and it’s been ok. Like not amazing but not bad and I mean that’s fine. Ok so the last have of the things I’ve learned and in no particular order. And in case you missed Part 1, it’s here.

  1. Tiger Moms. I would say I have one and I don’t think she’s very super high on the ROAR scale but she’s definitely on it. The thing that I’ve really learned and I’ve known it for a long time is that in the end what they really want is the best for you. That’s probably something you know if you have one. What I really learned though was that their tiger parenting really comes from a place of love. That that is how they show love. And while you may not receive love in that way or may not like it, it’s them trying in their way and I think that can be hard to acknowledge and accept.
  2. Being poor really limits you. I’ve been without money and I mean $0 and I need to sell things that I own several times in my life. And I think that people don’t understand is that it’s very hard to do some things like maintain friendships or make new friendships because usually you will meet for drinks or a meal but when you need to ration the price of your meal to free or under $5 that’s not really possible. The other thing I hear often, not to me personally but about people who are poor in general is like why don’t think just up and get a job? And I really learned this the hard way – it’s because you have so many things in your life that are so immediate that you can’t even think that far out. It’s all about right now. What am I going to eat right now? How am I going to get to X place? (Probably walk) Where do I sleep tonight? Do I have clean clothes? Can I get clean clothes? Where can I shower? Do I shower? Do I have money for food later and all these tiny decisions you make everyday that mean nothing if you have money are suddenly everything that consumes you. So it’s very hard to be forward thinking without the basics being taken care of (food, shelter etc)
  3. Depression – I talk about this somewhat in a previous post but depression is real. And it’s not something you just snap out of. It’s really hard and even though I’ve been though it I can’t even really offer tips on how to get through it except that the small things count. Showering counts. And if you have any inkling to do anything at all, do it. If you need medication, do it. Talk to someone if you can and one day – hopefully, you turn a corner and that dark cloud just disappears.
  4. Anything can happen – this is very true and I think we often think that that won’t happen to me. Or that people don’t change. But really, anything can happen. So-called freak accidents happen all the time. And people transform their lives for better or worse all the time. And success stories happen all the time. I mean really – anything can happen and though I think it would be easier if we thought of our lives in terms of absolutes, it’s really all grey.
  5. Relationships are like a mirror and when I say that I mean I think you spend your whole life looking at yourself from the front and you now a lot about your frontside. And when you’re in a relationship all this other stuff about you comes up that you didn’t know before because you didn’t have the perspective of your backside. And these are good things or bad things or annoying things, things you need to work on but mostly things that you just weren’t aware of. I think as well as you know yourself there’s always going to be something your partner sees (positive/negative) in you that help you grow as a person.
  6. That being said relationships are constantly evolving and you’re both student and teacher – remembering that you aren’t always meant to be someone’s teacher in all things, not even your partner but that you should always be learning as you change, your partner changes and your relationship changes. I don’t think that’s easy, to always be curious about what’s going on but I think it’s important and that’s why relationships are work.
  7. I guess the other thing about relationships is that you need to learn what is not being said. Perhaps I am not that intuitive of a person – definitely not a mind reader but I do know that sometimes it’s not what’s being said that is more than what’s going on than what is going on if that makes sense.
  8. I learned that being a parent is really hard. I’m not a parent but now that I am older I understand how hard being a parent is. And I don’t mean I know what it’s like to wake up and feed my baby all night but that I can empathise with all the wants and hope you have for your child and you try your best for them and everything but they still have a different path or hardships or whatever and of course they are people of their own but so are you and I think it’s very emotional.
  9. I learned that nothing will elate or deflate you like love for another human being.
  10. I am in a way quite a “dark” person and I am interested to read about the world’s tragedies and sad stories.
  11. I really love pen and paper. I like to write things down – I think it let’s me be more creative as well.
  12. I really really really really love pho. Like I would choose it every day. I love noodle soup in general and so lots of things can fall into this category but a really good pho but amazing broth (not heavy) and noodles (not to think and not to thin) and that doesn’t skimp out on the meats is like wow heaven on earth.
  13. I rarely make impulse decisions. Or say anything at random. Often I am mistaken for doing both these things but most are well thought out but perhaps I haven’t voiced it before.
  14. I’ve really grown to love olives. I hated them as a kid but now I like their almost bitter and distinct taste and pungent smell.
  15. I’m a terrible “housewife” – I don’t like cleaning or cooking. I can organise the calendar but holy moly – a lot of respect to those who are and those who are stay at home mom’s and dad’s. It’s really a lot of work.
  16. The best and hardest thing you can be is yourself.

This post seems to be quite a bit darker than the last, I suppose that’s my mood and maybe the rain. That being said I definitely am affected by the weather. It’s been really dark and gloomy the past couple of days in Hong Kong and I’m not sure what will happen if I ever need to move to a place that has proper winter. So there’s something else you know about me, I am weather dependent but I actually despite the winter being cold I absolutely love to wear pants, boots, and jackets! I guess this could continue on. Also I’m thinking about Vloging – let me know if that’s something you would be interested in! Thanks!

32 things I’ve learned: Part 1/2

Because I just celebrated the start of my 32nd year on this planet I thought it was good idea to guess what, reflect, I spend like way too much time reflecting but I guess it’s hard to be present when you’re stuck in the past even though I kind of live in the past.

What I’ve Learned:

  1. I live in the past. I learned this this past year in fact and you know what it makes so much sense. I reflect constantly and I really hold onto the past. I don’t mean in a grudges kind of way but I really like to work through things and understand them. The interesting thing about living in the past is that some events or words really stick with me, over and over and over again – for example, when I was 15, this gay guy said to me, “You’re hot like Japanese anime” and now like 17 years later, I still remember it. Some things just really stuck like glue.
  2. I’ve also learned, in the past 3 years that I am an extremely literal person and this is why I have such a hard time understanding sarcasm and jokes (more sarcasm than jokes, but jokes is very 50/50). The way I deduce sarcasm is I think – “Could that be real” – “Yes/No” – if “No” then sarcasm. Eg. I was literally walking on the moon – normal me would say – “Uh, no you weren’t, you’re not an astronaut” but put on my Sarcastic Hat, “Oh, that’s sarcasm.” It’s kind of tough being literal. For example, 2 weeks ago someone told me they heard that you could have no money and live like a king in Thailand. I corrected him and said, “No, you definitely need some money in Thailand, and if you want to live like a king, more than some.”
  3. I now know that Dill Pickle chips are really my favourite type of chip, more than Ketchup – more then Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese and maybe more than Texas Tang which was a Dorito flavor that came out when I was 8 but I thin it was just a test and I’ve never seen it again so it’s hard to say but right now, it’s Dill Pickle. That’s my favourite.
  4. As I continue to grow up, I realise more and more how self absorbed people are and that makes me sad. Everyone has their own thing going on, and their own shit but if you find someone who takes a time out to ask you about your shit and can really empathise with you because they are LISTENING then WOW, you should keep this person in your life.
  5. I also realise that as I grow up, my time becomes more and more limited and I’ve learned or am learning that it is best to surround yourself with positive, awesome people because that’s how osmosis works. I am also learning it is hard to break up with friend’s you’ve had for a long time but that are no longer serving you so to speak.
  6. As mentioned earlier, I live in the past, and I said words stick with me. Sometimes hurtful words, and that obviously hurts my feelings. I learned that people don’t really give much thought to what they say but the impact that it has on me can be quite big so I try to take things with a giant grain of salt. Something I am working on.
  7. Being introverted/alone is only fun for a very MAXIMUM 7 hours. I can’t even really ever chill. It’s like I don’t understand it. And at 6 hours alone I’m like ok fine but at 7 WOW, I’m ronery. I’m like 70% extrovert and 30% introvert.
  8. Oh, another interesting point. Now that I am 32 I feel like am I an adult? Interesting question right? I’ve definitely grown and matured, no doubt there but when I think back to when I was a kid and I would see “adults” – I was all like wow, you drive a car, or wow, you are wearing red lipstick, or wow, leather jacket. Well guess what, I’ve done all those things and I don’t feel more adult. What I feel like is cars cost money, red lipstick needs to be reapplied often, leather jacket making methods are questionable. So I guess what I’ve learned is that even though I am an adult, I’m also just a kid.
  9. I’m also a MPUA. That’s right. A Master Pick Up Artist. I can pick up men and women equally. How do I know this? On a romantic holiday with my boyfriend I was reading “The Game” by Neil Strauss and I was like HOLY SHIT this is me but not a lady douchebag. All that stuff in that book like interesting facts and hooks and pea cocking – that’s like my natural skill set. I mean it just is me. Without even trying, I’m telling you I’m charming if I want to be (what a weird thing to say (not so humble brag)). EG. I have a necklace – I wear it almost every day – or I used to and it’s a gold arrow. People always ask me about it, women ask me where I got it and we strike up a conversation that way and men ask me about it, and I say “It’s the arrow to my heart” – wow cheesy but it gets them every time. It’s weird to know you’re MPUA and it’s weird to tell people.
  10. I learned that a lot of people read my blog. I don’t mean via google analytics – I never check that. I mean like I will run into someone and they’re like “OH, I read your post” and that’s really cool because I have no idea who I reach and that means, wait take that back – I don’t know if I lot of people read my blog but at least 15 people do. So that’s good.
  11. I learned that really the secret to an awesome bod is diet. Which is like something I actually learned, not something someone told me. For a year I ate clean 6 days a week with 1 cheat day and I was like wow very happy with these results. It’s tough a thing to do and I’m not doing it anymore but if I want said awesome bod back, I know what to do.
  12. I love EDM. Growing up in Ottawa, I thought EDM was like Electric Circus on Much Music and that raves involved glow sticks and weirdos. I went to my first rave in Taiwan and was like “WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING MY WHOLE LIFE” (I thought there was a funny meme with a quarrel and the beat dropping but I can’t find it). I don’t even need to be in a non sober state. Nope, I can just like go nuts. Music festivals also taught me that I can have kids and go away for the weekend, go nuts, and come home total sane – it’s just nice to know that there’s an outlet.
  13. Switching gears, I learned that there is no “getting ahead” in life – because really we should take what we have for granted. I’ve seen it happen lots – like it APPEARS someone is getting ahead, they have the job, the house, the kids, the dog, the partner, the promotion the this the that and then – it’s like actually I hate my job, I’m cheating on my partner, I never wanted kids but got confused because society told me I should do this and that…
  14. Which leads me to my next point, we are all prisoner’s of our own mind. But hey, guess what – we all have the key as well. That is so fucked to think about.
  15. Living the so-called dream might not be your dream. Your dream, is your dream. Seems simple enough but surprisingly tough, at least for me.
  16. Sexual abuse is a serious problem and is not talked about enough. Just take a trip on Quora. You’ll see just a slice of what’s out there and it is haunting.

If you made it this far – THANK YOU!!! Stay tuned for part 2 next week! Happy Wednesday.

Shopping in Bangkok: A guide to Platinum Mall

Bangkok has recently entered into one of my top shopping cities worldwide (others include NYC and Seminyak, Bali).

What makes Bangkok so special is not that is boasts lots of malls (I mean it does) but that it has wholesale markets. A wholesale market is where a retailer might come to buy clothes (or any item) in bulk and then resell said item at their store for a profit.

If you have time, and patience, and can survive a Forever 21 around Christmas time then you’re the right candidate for shopping in Bangkok! But honestly, you don’t need to be Forever 21 level serious because even I can barely handle that place but what you do need is a sharp eye and some quick decision making skills. Additionally, you need to understand what size you are what type of clothes look good on you as you’re often not allowed to try things on. They will however measure you with a measuring tape to see if the item will fit you.

Many clothes are free size HOWEVER, if you are larger than an American Medium, this is not really the place for you. The sizes here run SMALL. For reference, I am an America XXS/XS/S and I am a M-L, more on the L side of things here. There are a lot of “Free Size” items – one size fits all, these items are quite large on me, looking very oversized Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen style – so you can fit into some clothes if you are larger than an American Medium but you will be limited in your offering.

Tip: Bring a mini suitcase so you can roll along your purchases, this is going to be an all day adventure and you don’t want to be carrying stuff in bags, you’ll tire easily.

Tip: Don’t bring your family – I mean you can but I think that’s crazy, it’s so crowded and there’s so much stimulus it’s just a bad idea if you’re a serious shopper. I recommend going alone or with 2-3 people maximum.

One of the greatest places on earth!

One of the greatest places on earth!

A Guide to Platinum Mall

Platinum Mall, though is technically a mall in that it is indoors and covered AND has air conditioning, it’s really a market in a sense. It’s shops within a mall but some tiny shops, some bigger shops but don’t expect fancy displays, it’s bags of clothes and chaotic hanging of items.

As I mentioned, it is a wholesale mall – there is little bargaining here. If you buy 2-3 items at one store then you get the wholesale price. The wholesale price is about 100 baht difference to the single item purchase price or 3USD. These items do not need be the same and you can mix and match the items within the shop.

Platinum mall is pretty big. It’s divided into 3 zones, among 2 buildings and 7 floors (Don’t forget the basement!). Each zone is divided a little bit differently (see below) but what you can find at Platinum mall includes: Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Accessories (purses, scarves, fashion jewellery etc), Leather goods, and a food court. There are also some cell phone cases but this is not an electronics mall. It is majority, a fashion mall with items coming from Thailand, China, and Korea. (Note: I have done some shopping in China and do not feel the clothes are duplicated in this mall).

Navigation for Platinum - study it well.

Navigation for Platinum – study it well.

The best way to navigate Platinum Mall is zone by zone. It is not IMPOSSIBLE to find a store again if you need to but I would suggest if you like something in one shop, buy it right then. Most shops sell different items and the prices are not different. If you see an item again and the price is different check the detailing again – there will be a reason why the price is different – usually something is left out like a lining or additional lace etc). My favourite zones are 3 and 2 for Women’s clothes – I think here you can find clothes that are similar to Anthropolgie, Club Monaco, and American Apparel. You really need to have a keen eye for this.

Worst photo ever but the only one I have.

Worst photo ever but the only one I have. Accessories Floor.

All stores take cash and some take Visa – there are ATMs around the perimeter of the mall, for reference, on average I paid 250 baht per item (about 6USD). Some items are as low as 100 and some up to 2000. 2000 baht items are usually dresses of intricate or formal detail. There is a surprising amount of women’s formal wear here.

I’m very careful with my purchases and came out with about 10 pieces – spending around 4000 baht which is about 114USD. What a bargain!

Platinum Mall’s website states it is open from 8am-8pm Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday and 9am-8pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. It is in my experience that the mall really opens at 9:30am and closes around 6:30pm. It is advised to go right when the mall is opens and on a weekday to avoid claustrophobia. Here you will find locals and foreigners shopping till they dropping. I can handle the mall for about 6-7 hours and in that time I have covered a lot of ground methodically, eaten in the food court but am exhausted afterwards. Go well rested, wear running shoes, and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! Happy Shopping!

The Platinum Fashion Mall, Juristic Person
222 11th Floor Petchburi Road, ThanonPetchburi, Ratchthevi

Can Pokemon Go save the world?

The much anticipated Pokemon Go just launched in Hong Kong 2 days ago and I have to say it’s fun AND has so much potential! This is the first time I think a game/app can change the way we see not only the world around us but people around us.

I started by catching my very first Pokemon in my apartment – Charmander for those who are curious, and then taking it to the streets. Everyone’s playing and I’ve made some new Poke street friends.

Gotcha! Right in front of the dehumidifier!

Gotcha! Right in front of the dehumidifier!

The concept of the game just makes so much sense to me. Without knowing anything about Pokemon you understand that you just gotta get out there and CATCH EM ALL! How simple an idea. I love that it’s augmented reality and I love that you have to MOVE around to catch em.

Here I am in Causeway Bay! Gotta catch em all!

Here I am in Causeway Bay! Gotta catch em all!

Pokemon Go is like a world wide “Let’s Move” campaign – how many people are out of their house or office or taking extra steps to go from one place to another just to catch a Pokemon or hit a Poke stop? TONS – I see messages online like, “Decided to walk home tonight” – WHOA, that’s huge. Moving in any way is good for the body and I’m happy to see Pokemon Go help people do that. On top of that, you get to discover your own city which is really cool. There are so many Poke stops that maybe you didn’t know about before  - or neighbourhoods or side streets that you haven’t discovered. Mountains you haven’t climbed, lakes you haven’t swam in and I like that PG brings out the adventurer in you.

The other great thing is the social aspect. Earlier I mentioned I made some new Poke friends on the street. Nowadays, we don’t really talk to strangers – and the news tells us why, seriously some bad shit happens but now we can talk to strangers via the common denominator “Did you see that Jiggy Puff?” – “I caught a Pikachu” and bond over just having fun. This being said always be vigilant, there are always bad seeds looking to take advantage of the good but at the same time prevail in unity with your fellow Pokemon Trainers!

Here I am! CharmangelaPuff - Pokemon Trainer, Level 7.

Here I am! CharmangelaPuff – Pokemon Trainer, Level 7.

So basically, it is my hope and dream that Pokemon unites us as a people, helps us move our body and discover our surroundings. In short, I hope Pokemon Go saves the world. No pressure. My Pokemon handle is CharmangelaPuff – see you on the outside.


So recently my new thing has been watching poms get their haircut. I seriously can’t get enough. It’s like a little toy bear dog goes in for a fur trim and it’s just the cutest thing ever.

YouTube Preview Image

This one I love because of his expressions. He’s just like confused and adorable and he just wanted a little off the top but now they’re going for the whole thing!

This was the first video I saw some months back. Then via The Facebook I saw another video – THIS POM IS THE BEST. Her name is Shila and she lives in Turkey. I can’t imbed Instagram videos – so I have to embed this youtube video but watch it on mute because I think the music ruins it.

YouTube Preview Image

So what I love about her is that she *knows* that she’s getting beautified and she’s standing there not posing but not strutting but all like she KNNNOOWS she looks good. I like that she’s almost seeking approval – like “Hey, hey! Look at me! I’m doing such a good job getting groomed!” – I also like she does this whole catwalk spin at the end and I love how her head just gets absorbed by her neck. I love that. I think she’s the cutest.

And then, one Thursday night, just like 2 or 3 Thursdays ago I thought to myself, wow these poms getting their haircut is so cute I can’t stand it and I am going to dedicate my whole night to watching poms get their haircut (probably says something about me and my time value OR about me and my love for cuteness). I pulled up the youtube and surprisingly there aren’t that many videos with poms getting their haircut. You’d think it was natural to film your dog at the groomers but I guess not.

After some disappointment and probably a bag of chips – and then some time thereafter that like a week or so. I discovered @shila_the_pom ‘s Instagram account. Which I guess should have been obvious from the Facebook video but whatever. She’s adorable. Like can’t get enough – but then what I discovered, equally as good if not better was @petstylistt – her groomer!!!

Herein lies the hub of the cutest dog grooming videos. Just crazy cute. Prepare for 3 hours of your life to just evaporate. It’s not even just dogs, it’s also cats and also, I just found out @petstylistt has been featured on Buzzfeed, he’s famous. It’s my favourite Instagram account and I’m sure, soon to be yours too.