Tiffany & Co

Blue is the color of my dreams and it is not the first time I’ve mentioned Tiffany on my blog! Last time I posted a picture of earrings for my birthday and what I’ve learned is, ask and you shall receive!

I am now looking at the most delightful, delectable, delicious looking tote bag by none other than Tiffany – boy does that girl have great taste!

Suede on one side, metallic leather on the other this bag is mother fucking RE VERSE FUCKING ABLE!! I DIE for reversible shit. I mean it’s 2 for the price of one. It really is. (I also really like things that change color in the sun or glow in the dark – and mood rings, love the mood ring).

This bag comes from the very reasonable price of $720 for the large. A small is also available for $480. But I say – go BIG or GO HOME!


VERSABLE! + leather pouch INcludED!!

Available in 5 different colors (Black, Navy, Walnut, Tiffany Blue, Burgendy, and Pesto)



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  1. The problem isThat sometimes you will move out of range ofTotems

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