A for Angela’s Likes & Dislikes Winter 2011

Welcome to the first day of winter! Boo I know but YAY for this season’s likes & dislikes. Happy freezing!


Post-it notes: Give me a whackload of those and I am reminder happy!

Making ice: I like to do it in my spare time

Dumplings: GET IN MY MOUTH!!

Lentil Soup: I don’t know why it’s not more popular, like Strawberry juice…both so tasty but the market is so small…

Condensed Milk: Slap that on some toast!

Rainbows: It is my dream to see a full circle and then have a picture of me looking like I’m holding it. It IS MY DREAM!!

The feeling of a peppermint in your mouth as you sharply intake the cool crisp air.

Black children – baby afros? What could be cuter?



When your socks fall off not all the way, just half way inside your boots so it’s uncomfortable to walk

When water from your exhale turns into ice on your scarf and touches your face. It stings!

A mosquito singing in your ear while you’re trying to sleep. SHUT IT mosquito! SHUT IT!! And please don’t bite me. Thank you.

Why doesn’t anyone tell you that being stung by a bee feels like being stung by a needle but worse???!!! DISLIKE! A bee stung me twice!!

Cashews. They’re gross and I don’t usually like telling people I don’t like them because they look at me like I just told them their first born child looks like Satan.

When I go to the bathroom and there’s no fucking toilet seat. I don’t understand, why don’t you want to sit?

Corned beef. Does this require an explanation?

Facebook messaging – send me a goddam e-mail or hey – you know my phone number, TEXT ME!! I hate Facebook messaging, it is my slowest medium by FAR


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