Why I decided to stop eating meat…

…well almost. Let me explain.

Growing up one of my best friends was a pescatarian and so I followed suit because we were together most of the time and I like the taste of soy based faux meats and didn’t miss the real stuff. She was and is a real animal lover. I got it into my head that I should stop eating meat if I loved animals. But the problem is, not that I don’t love animals it’s that I don’t LOVE animals. I like animals.

I like to look at animals, on the rare occasion, pet an animal but I’m not one to have a pet. So my animal love basically ends there. I can appreciate animals but I guess I just thought that I need to be in love with animals to stop eating meat.

For awhile, I was eating meat because it was easy. It gives you lots of options especially when eating out.

I’ve watched a handful of documentaries about animal slaughter, genetically modified foods and the like. They definitely affected me but it never pushed me over the edge.

I knew some people who became vegetarians and lost a lot of weight but I don’t think that has to do with being a vegetarian exactly but more cutting out other junk in your life too. I also read that a lot of athletes have a diet high in veggies, like 80% of their diet is veggies…interesting. And at around this time paleo was quite popular and though paleo has some controversy to it – it is true that we never did eat THAT much meat.

I tried being pescatarian earlier this year for month as part of my new year’s resolutions and I liked it – I felt lighter, healthier and as I was still eating fish – felt good about my protein intake. The hardest part was eating out, especially when most of your friends are carnivores. Oh, and with the extra fibre intake I was extremely gas-y.

After that – I watched a movie called COWSPIRACY. Which is about a lot of things but my main takeaway was the sheer amount of resources it takes to breed meat and how that has a massive and detrimental impact on our environment. We ┬ámake choices every time we eat and the impact it has on our surroundings. With this in mind I decided it was time to make conscious decisions about what I was eating. I have a newfound understanding that vegetarians don’t need to love animals but they can love the environment. I want to make some impact in my lifestyle choices and this is the one I have decided to make.

As for the, well almost at the beginning of my post – I haven’t cut out meat entirely. I might have meat on special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Birthday or if it is a local delicacy to a traveled region, and if it’s pho – I really love pho and vegetarian pho is not accessible where I live. I’ve given some thought to this and think that it’s not black or white, but a process, and often people forget that the journey is what’s important.

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