Protein Chips!

Because protein shakes are seriously gross and protein bars for the most part are also gross. I could just eat foods that are high in protein but protein chips seem like the future.

Cause here’s the thing, I love chips. Like so much. I like how crunchy and flavorful they are and since moving to Hong Kong, I mean it’s really interesting because they just don’t have aisles of chips here like they do in Canada (or gasp! America). So much chip intake has gone down which is probably better for my physical health but not my mental health.

ANYWAYS – along with chips, I thought I would list a couple of my other favourite foods.

  • Pho – pho sure I could eat this EVERYDAY. Like every single day. Too bad Hong Kong has crappy and expensive pho. If they had amazing and cheap pho I would be pho fat.
  • Bread – bread to me tastes like candy but I almost never eat bread so it’s even more extra special to me.
  • Rice noodles, though I think this kind of falls under the pho category they are also used in Pad Thai, and other Asian type noodle soups…YUM
  • Sushi – salmon sushi – spicy salmon sushi – uni – scallop – I mean mostly all types. I like handrolls too. I like sashimi.
  • Gyoza – oh yeah, I could have like 20 of those. Maybe 30.
  • Oysters and lobster are my favourite seafoods – I could eat 50 oysters. I think I have.
The way forward. Photo Source: Progress Fitness

The way forward. Photo Source: Progress Fitness

Anyways back to protein chips – it’s like one bag has 120 calories are 21 grams of protein. I’m talking about the Quest brand protein chips. I literally don’t know anything else about them like how good they are or bad they are for you etc. All I know is that I can have a bag of chips after I work out and that is a huge win to me. Though they are a bit expensive, $3usd/bag? Maybe less but I suppose all protein supplements are around that cost. I buy mine off – there are several flavours:

  • BBQ – I generally just don’t like the BBQ flavor and I still don’t in this particular chip
  • Sea Salt – Too SALTY
  • Salt & Vinegar – Have yet to try but I’ve ordered it and I’m excited!
  • Sour Cream and Onion – I think is quite YUM and doesn’t have the same heavy taste that other brands might
  • Cheddar and Sour Cream – I have this at home and I haven’t tried it but I’m going to. Keep you posted.

That’s it. This might be the worst post of all time. I’m sorry but hopefully you got something out of it. Protein chips! The way of the future.

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