This vs That II

A long long time ago, I did a post called this vs that – where I name 2 things and then pick which one I prefer, this vs that.

Socks vs Barefoot

My cute cat socks I got in Seoul!!!

Ummm I don’t even know why I wrote this one because even I’m not that sure, but I guess I would have to say socks but not by a huge difference, just a little. Cause I just like my foot to be wrapped up. And I have some really cute socks. I have no problem with my feet and I hate when my feet are cold, so socks.

Cake vs Pie

Definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY PIE. I love pie! My favourite is pumpkin pie, I also like lemon tart which is pie like and apple is of course nice, along with blueberry and strawberry rhubarb. For the most part I hate cake. I like cheesecake and ice cream cake and carrot cake (with no nuts and raisins) and that’s about it. Usually what I don’t like about cake is the icing – too sweet and too fake, and I don’t like the density and texture of cake. Pooey.

Pants vs No Pants

Of course, no pants is ideal but most of the time not really manageable. I actually prefer leggings if I am wearing pants because skinny jeans are SUCH A STRUGGLE. Why you gotta be so tight? And that button is just digging into me. Like Wow, this is uncomfortable. Maybe I’m just buying pants too small but I like to think it’s the pants fault and not mine.

East Coast vs West Coast

There’s no doubt I am an East Coast girl – even on the West Coast they ask me if I’m from the East Coast – something to do with my chill factor being very low I presume or doing a million things at once. Plus I am a fast talker. I think West Coast is more slow in almost everything. So East Coast.

Mac vs PC

This is a tough one because you know what? I am not going to lie. I LOVE THE MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE, and I know they have a version for Mac but it’s far far far less superior, like it totally sucks. And I hate Google sheets, numbers, gmail…I LOVE OUTLOOK. But I do have a Mac – and I guess I like the look of it all but honestly the Mac gives me all sorts of problems and my ecosystem is never seamless between all my devices which really annoys me. So in the end I guess I have to say neither. Both just get better!

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