My pet peeves

Honestly. I was supposed to post yesterday and then I promised I would post towards the end of Wednesday and really I should have and I apologise for not. The good news is before, I was trying to write this post, “My favourite part of Hong Kong” but I’ve been sick since Sunday (today is Thursday) and I’m just like ugh, you know? Just ugh.

So now my ugh feeling has inspired me to write this post about my pet peeves. Not an overly positive post but it’s gotta be said. In no particular order:

  • Bad customer service, there really is nothing worse, especially considering you’re in the service industry – I mean, that’s your job. So why do you suck at your job.
  • Similiar to above, sometimes in when you’re traveling and you want to bargain for something people will treat you like you’re stupid and start yelling at you. Eg. Traveling with my boyfriend in Sri Lanka, thinking about getting some elephant pants. Touch a pair of pants and suddenly a man comes up to us, and tells us it’s 60USD for these pants. Lest we forget, we are in a marketplace. In Sri Lanka. No way these pants cost 60USD. Shouting proceeds – feel the material, it’s so soft, it’s 100% cotton, look at the craftsmanship…Do I look like I don’t know the value of 60USD? And please stop shouting at me.

  • When I see that someone’s been online but they didn’t read my message. Why not? Me first!
  • Or when I see that someone has read my message but didn’t say anything in response
  • OR when I am in the middle of a text based conversation with someone and then they suddenly disappear. Brb is just 3 letters!!
  • When I ask a question but it doesn’t get answered. Like fluff just came out of someone else’s mouth – that is so annoying!
  • Or completely unrelated, I buy something brand new and it has a scratch on it or something – how? JUST HOW?
  • Has it ever happened to you that you have a bag of trash that falls over but you didn’t close it, so now there’s trash all over the ground? And it has to be the time you put something small inside like, coffee grounds so now they are EVERYWHERE!!

You know what I realised? That my pet peeves turned into things that annoy me – they are kind of the same but not and so I digress. This is enough.

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