Summer Likes & Dislikes 2017

Let’s just get right into it shall we?


Norwegian Air: Quite honestly I had never heard of this airline before but I flew it from Berlin to NYC and it was AMAZING. Their economy felt like premium economy, the food was farm to plane, the cabin pressure was lowered so your feet didn’t swell, they brought in FRESH air, the window shades tinted in a special way for your eyes – the whole experience was supposed to make you less jet lagged. And you know what? It worked!!!! Best airline I’ve flown. The only downside was a lack of entertainment options and I don’t want to sound spoiled but they sold it like they had hundreds and hundreds of options, they don’t. Just like less than a regular amount but just set the expectations correctly. That’s all. I forgive you and I love you.

Paper: I love paper – I love pen and paper. I love to take notes. I like to feel the pen on the surface of the paper. And in general, I love paper. I spent at least 18 hours in a handmade paper store in Chiang Mai. Like, obsessed. Textures, feels, patterns, even paper made from elephant poo. I just think there is something so sophisticated about paper. I guess I love the tactile nature of it. And origami, I mean, who doesn’t like that?

Freshly cut cuticles: What satisfaction.

Clothes steamers: Talk about satisfaction AND relaxation. I love watching the steam take out all the wrinkles. Wow, that’s my dream, an industrial clothes steamer. #happybirthdaytome #august6

Wearing a t-shirt with pants or a long sleeve with shorts: I love this combo, it’s like best of both worlds, exposed but not too exposed and if that’s the outfit you’re wearing that means the temperature outside is absolute perfection.

Instastory: I should probably write a whole blog post about this but I never thought I would like it because I thought it was kind of like Snapchat and I am just not millenial enough for Snapchat (the user interface is just like WTF to me) but I am obsessed with Instastory. I love it. I love it, I love it. I realised, I’m a storyteller and it’s so fun to post snippets of my life on there. I can’t even explain it, I wish it was just an app onto itself. You can watch on my account @aforangela.


Ice water: I actually cried in NYC when someone gave me ice water. In Hong Kong there is no such thing as ice water, it’s just hot water, sometimes you get room temperature water but never in a Chinese restaurant. It’s always hot water. Talk about reverse culture shock!

Cap sleeves: Honestly, these are so hard to wear, you need to be rail thin – arms especially. I don’t even try anything on with a cap sleeve anymore unless I want to see what my arms would look like as mini whales. Which I don’t want to see, ever.

Ethiad Airlines: This is supposed to be one of the best airlines ever – let me tell you – when you get on board, it’s great, but their customer service – I’ll have to explain in my next post -“Worst flights of all time”. Stay tuned. UGHHHHHHHHHH, worst. Worst, worst. WORST. Basically, they suck.

Smoking: I hate smoking. The smell alone is enough to make me want to vomit. Beyond that it’s bad for your health, and my health and everyone’s health actually. It’s a completely disgusting, and low grade habit (I hesitate to call it an addiction because from what I hear, a lot of people quit cold turkey). Smoking doesn’t make you cool, in fact, it kills you and when you ask me if I mind if you smoke, YOU BET I DO. I a the girl who will be like, oh can I see that? And then take your cigarette and put it out. Please reconsider your life choices.

Needles: I can’t say most people like needles but I really don’t. I haven’t gotten a needle in my arm for a very long time, maybe 15 years because 1 – my arm muscle is too small so it puts my arm out of commission for the whole day 2 – I now have a mental block and can’t have a needle in my arm so where does it go? My hip which is really your upper butt. The muscle is much bigger but it still hurts and I don’t really know what I don’t like it but I know I don’t and I don’t need to analyse it.

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