Soft Spots

In my last post I said I would rant and rave about my horror story with Ethiad but INSTEAD of being negative (by the way, their customer service SUCKS) – I thought I would share some things that I have a soft spot for. For example:

Old People:

Old people are HELLA cute, they’re all wrinkled and usually small and they have this childlike innocent about them or a well deserved angry demeanour. Good for them. They’re just like in this place where they don’t care about what people think and they live day to day which is really how we should all live but we don’t and they are always wearing cardigans. Men and women. Cardigans. It’s just the cutest.

Old Chinese and Old Black People:

Wow, these are like the ultimate in cuteness. Probably because both races don’t show a hint of age until 85 and then suddenly that rice cake face and that black don’t crack skin just explode into a furry of wrinkles but somehow – it’s way cute and they own it.


I just like watching them – even if you send me a video of your baby breathing I’m like wow, that’s the cutest. They have tiny feet, and no necks and it’s just ADORABLE. I want to squish you and love you so much!

Japanese Pets:

Not usually an animal lover but Japanese pets are crazy cute.

Japanese Pet: A pet owned by a Japanese person.

These pets are usually impeccable. They are so clean. I love that. So well groomed. And so kawaii. It’s just like they were born to be little loveable cartoons. I want to own a Japanese pet except that I’m not Japanese but maybe I could adopt one from a Japanese person…especially a small dog or a cat.

Homeless People:

I feel really really really bad for homeless people. There are a variety of reasons someone could be homeless and you know what? Sometimes people, they don’t want to be homeless, well I am assuming most don’t want to be homeless but it’s not really a choice and what stinks is that we don’t really have a good way to integrate them into society or get them back on their feet. It bothers me when people say, well why don’t they get a job? Like you try getting a job with no access to a shower, clean clothes and starving for days. And let’s not forget about the logistics of putting down your home address or a contact number you can be reached at. Homelessness in some ways seems like this twist of fate that could happen to anyone. It’s really sad and when people ask for money if I give it to them – no matter where the money goes, I know that whatever I gave is more than they have. And if I don’t give it to them, I feel really bad.

I mean basically anyone in need I have a soft spot for.

People handing out flyers:

I used to do this. The job sucks. No one wants your flyers and you can’t go home until all your flyers are handed out. This is why I always take flyers. Cause like what’s it to me? I read something, I recycle it later. Done and done.


I feel at least 7 years behind but I finally got there, I am so into froyo. And the weird thing is, I only want the same thing every time. I just want plain froyo with gummy bears. If I see froyo, I’m like yeah, I want that. It’s not like other sweets where I’m like I shouldn’t have that. No, I should definitely have froyo. I love it!


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