Things I love about Canada

Having lived in other countries and traveled extensively I’ve come to realise that Canadians really are the nicest people in the world. Like – the nicest. Japanese people are the cutest but also very nice and Taiwanese are also super nice actually…maybe Canadians are the friendliest! Much more than Australians…and American’s certainly not the loudest but up there with all those hot Latin American countries and those spicy Spaniards and feisty Italians! Anyways Canadians are definitely the friendliest and some other things I’ve noticed that Canada has going for it are detailed below.

Things Canada has going for it:

  • Poutine. This is like the best thing Canada has going for it, in my opinion. Some will say cheesy fries are just like poutine but they are so so very mistaken. What makes a poutine so special is the cheese curds – they have to have just the right amount of squeak to make an authentic poutine. It’s also important that you ask for the poutine to be layered – fries, cheese, fries, cheese, gravy. This way you can maximise the stringy goodness in every bite. I don’t really recommend putting the gravy in the middle because then the fries on the bottom will get soggy UNLESS you’re a human vacuum in which case it’s ok. My personal favourite is Smoke’s Poutinerie which is a chain in Canada – GET THE VEGGIE GRAVY. Why? It is far superior than the beef, this isn’t even about being semi vegetarian or environmentalist or anything – just pure taste. So much better! Current state: Drenched from my own drool.
  • Ketchup flavoured chips and dill pickle flavoured chips. This is also the best thing Canada has going for it. These chips are bursting with so much flavour it makes my taste buds want to tingle off. I personally love that feeling. My favourite brands are Old Dutch and Humpty Dumpty, both a little hard to find but totally super worth it.
  • Canada also has maple syrup but so does like some parts of America but really no one cares about syrup in America. Maple syrup is just like a staple for so many things – including meat. And is often the secret ingredient in a lot of dressings – a dollop of syrup. Sometimes I use it to replace honey. It’s good on ice cream. Pancakes of course – bacon a must!!
  • Celine Dion. She’s seriously our national treasure. WORLDWIDE everyone loves her. I mean that, like Egypt especially – everyone’s ringtone is Celine. And her voice is powerful and I’m in love with her because she’s everyone’s first love  by default.
  • Justin Trudeau – I mean, he’s super nice so it’s hard not to like him.
  • Diversity. I really really really really love that. The diversity in Canada is so nice in a way we encourage people to keep their cultures AND be super nice at the same time. So that’s the best.
  • I feel our air is pretty clean so when I breathe I don’t feel like there are pollutants going into my nostrils.

Actually one time, I asked a flight attendant who the nicest country in the world was because you know they travel everywhere and they meet all types of people and when you’re traveling it’s like stressful and you’re tired and everything and you know what? She said CANADIANS. PROOF.

  • Sorry and thank you, all the time. I actually love that. I am really constantly saying sorry or thank you and it makes me feel really good. You can never really be too apologetic or too grateful!

And with that, thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you get to visit Canada someday, it’s like the best.

  • Oh another best thing, Ceaser’s! They’re like Bloody Mary’s but WAY better. Instead of tomato juice (ew) we use Clamato juice – which sounds ew but isn’t. It’s clam juice mixed with tomato juice which make the whole drink lighter but with an extra special tangy PUNCH!!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments. I always love hearing from you. Thanks for reading!!!! You’re the best!

39 days until Christmas!

39 days until Christmas has no significance really except that I just made it significant with my 39 things I love about the season below. Happy THREE NINE to Christmas everyone!

  1. Christmas, or the holiday season, gives me an excuse to buy new decorations for the house – yesterday I bought 5 mini Christmas tress. I even like to change the cushion covers for a more festive look and this year I am even thinking to add in a couple of surprises, well not surprises, but next level type decorations to my place which will be revealed at my Christmas party. Pictures to come.
  2. I like that other people decorate their houses. Not even people but whole corporations. Looking at pretty lights is one of my favourite things!


  1. Because WordPress sucks I have to start at 1 again and never insert another picture every again! So let’s pretend 1 is now 3. I like Christmas because there’s a lot of pretending, kind of like Halloween but different, Santa Claus but other pretend, like make believe and imagination and wonder come out and that’s so special 🙂
  2. I LOVE CHRISTMAS SONGS!!! They are the best! Some of my favourites include, “Last Christmas by Wham!”, “All I want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey”, “Baby it’s Cold Outisde – Madonna”, “Christmas (Baby please come home) – Cher and Rosie O’Donnell” and so many more!!
  3. Christmas is a great time to wear velvet. And that’s one of my favourite materials because it makes me like a human teddy bear.
  4. Also it’s a great time to wear sequins. Love me some razzle dazzle.
  5. Also it seems like Christmas is a great time for feeling in love but also a great time for feeling alone, but either way both are feelings that are deep and evoke reflection and that equals growth so hail Christmas!
  6. The FOOD. I love stuffing so much, and sugar cookies with icing but more than that gingerbread.
  7. Mulled wine, I think I like this – I definitely like the idea of it. Hot chocolate is always a winner.
  8. I like to cozy up by the fire, even if the fire is just the youtube fireplace channel connected to my TV.
  9. I think it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you! Here’s a fun aside – My friend’s parents met on a sleigh ride! YES true story. He was horsing around jumping on and off the ride with his friends. She was sitting on the sleigh and then he accidentally jumped up and sat on her which caused the leg of her pants to rise to which she said “Can you please pull my pants down” – HISTORY MADE!
  10. Christmas is also a great reason to reconnect with old friends and put the past in the past and relish in the magic that is Christmas day.
  11. It’s also a great reason to snail mail. Receiving Christmas cards is one of the few small joys left from olden day!
  12. During Christmas you can watch all the same movies you did LAST YEAR. I love Elf and Love Actually.
  13. Looking under the tree at presents is super fun. When I was a kid I used to line my presents up from most mysterious to least mysterious.
  14. PEPPERMINT CANDY CANES! These are the best especially if you live in cold weather climate. You can put some cane in your mouth and then inhale air through your mouth for the most exhilarating feeling. (But also know I like all candy cane flavors).
  15. Stockings, I like this idea of a giant sock to hold small presents. Funny.
  16. I bet this season is where cinnamon sticks see a huge peak in sales. They are great for using as stir sticks or putting them in your oven to make your home have the most wonderful aroma.
  17. There seem to be a lot more activities around Christmas time, I love that because I love getting people together and I love being with people.
  18. I already said I love Christmas songs but I also love that they play them EVERYWHERE! Spreading Christmas cheer.
  19. Everyone seems extra friendly this time of year, but also some people are really sad too, and we should spend time with those people too.
  20. All your old time favourites come out, I mean musically, Britney, NSYNC, Michael Buble…Santa can you hear me?
  21. Pinecones are the best decoration nature ever came up with!
  22. HOLIDAY – actual time off. Vacation is the best!
  23. Spending time with friends and family or friends you call family is the best!
  24. It’s a great excuse to get fat. Santa wears stretchy pants too.
  25. It’s the time of the year that all the Asian restaurants that use Christmas lights all year round actually look on point! Way to go guys! Don’t ever take those down!
  26. Every year I remember I want to take a gift wrapping class. My cousin took one, and the first year he came to live with us in Canada, he was 15, and he put these ORIGAMI wrapped presents under the tree. 17 years late my mind is STILL BLOWN. One was a circle! A CIRCLE, and the entire top was folded into pleats. I mean WOWZA.
  27. Chocolate cover cookies, you know the ones that come in that tin? It’s like 2 layers of assorted cookies claiming to be Belgium chocolate? That one.
  28. There’s lots of sales, hehe.
  29. If you like to go to the movies, usually the theatres are empty so you can have a private show. Growing up in Ottawa, Canada we had no other family so we had a lot of time to kill between presents and dinner. We would go to the movies and hang out with our Jewish homies.
  30. It’s a time where I really hope and sometimes believe there can be peace on earth.
  31. Food comas galore. Eat, Sleep, Nap, Repeat.
  32. Leftover turkey. We use it to make congee, hehe.
  33. I mean, I guess it goes without saying, I like opening presents 🙂
  34. I also really like to give presents – I like the thought it requires and the happiness it brings someone else. That makes me happy. Like my Mom collects magnets from all of her travels but those magnets are always so crappy so I told her I would make her magnets. And I did! I collected photos from all our travels together and as a family and some of her own and I made her 18 magnets. Her gift arrived really early due to some crappiness of the company I used so she already has her gift but you know what?  SHE LOVES IT! Best daughter ever.
  35. CAROLERS – I know I’ve mentioned music so many times and I would be lying if I said music is my life, it isn’t but like wow – love Carolers. Or is spelled Carollers. Oh it is, no red squiggly. The only thing better than one person signing is a lot of people singing (depending on who it is of course).
  36. You can talk to strangers and it isn’t weird. Like you can say “Happy Christmas” – or like I don’t know, but it allows for a common denominator that let’s you connect with more people, and that’s great.
  37. It’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up together like two birds of a feather would do. Hoo hoo!

What do you love about Christmas? Anything I’ve missed? Please comment below!

Massage Me!

I wouldn’t say I’m a touchy person but I do like to be touched by a person of authority, or that I know and is welcomed. I mean it has to be welcomed. And when I say authority – I mean like when you go through security and they pat you down. I like that. I don’t mind getting a physical either as long as they aren’t drawing blood. I guess I don’t like the dentist though so that’s bad touch. Good touch and bad touch. I like good touch.

Good touch is also massages. O M G. I love massages. Naturally, I am quite – how shall we put it, up to stuff and people who are up to stuff tend to need some muscle relaxation.

Since moving to Asia I have experienced the Chinese foot and body massage and let me tell you – the masseuses here are relentless. They literally make it their sole mission in their life to get ALL THE KNOTS out of your body even if that means you’re going to be bruised for a week and screaming into your pillow. Oddly, I like this.

And so in no particular order, my favourite types of massages.

1. Foot Massage

The foot massage is interesting because they don’t just massage your foot but up to your knee and sometimes higher. The foot is supposed to be linked with all these other areas in the body creating healing powers when pressed. Well, I don’t know about healing powers but I do know about pressure points. WOW – it hurts. Again, I like it. This type of massage is especially great if you do a lot of walking, or running, or sports, or are on your feet a lot. It’s like a rebirth for your legs.

2. Chinese Deep Tissue Massage

The pain from the foot massage can translate all the way into your body. If you can take the pain it’s definitely worth it for the after effects. It hurts so good.

3. Thai Massage

A massage and a stretch is really an amazing way to go when you aren’t quite ready for the all out pain of the Chinese massage, the Thai type is more gentle and great for your back, and mobility work on your legs and arms. I love this type so much I am thinking to get training in it!

4. Four Hand Massage

Four hands are better than two. Two people working on either half of your  body perfectly in sync is INCREDIBLE. The closest you can get to a threesome without having a threesome I think. And the only thing that could make it better? A hand bang – that’s right 8 hands.  WOW. I haven’t heard of that but I think I would love to experience it.

5. Therapeutic Massage

Honestly, I don’t even know what this means but every time I come out of one of these I feel like a million bucks.

So you know what, think of yourself as wanting to be the best kobe beef – so trendy and juicy because you’re getting massaged, all day err day. Moossage. (Lol).

Obamascades: My adventures with Obama Part 2/2

Almost Obama Encounter #2

My brother and I took a 10 day trip to Japan last May – guess who else took a trip to Japan? That’s right, El Presidente. At this point I don’t think you could say he was following me but just maybe coincidence.

Even bigger coincidence, we were staying at the same hotel in Hiroshima, but one week apart from each other. He’s like my polkeroo – just missed him again.

Obama Encounter #3

In NYC this time – this was just 2 weeks ago! And the UN is also in town. My boyfriend and I decide to eat out in the East Village – afterwards we take a walk around town in the same general area on walk along a small quiet side street and suddenly we see tons of motorcycles – I mean a crazy amount. But it’s obvious this is not a motorcycle gang – something else is going on. Behind them, huge black SUVS – tons. And if you look ahead, all the road are blocked and there is security standing at every corner – this time it’s made clear. Obamarama is having dinner on this street and is waiting to make his exit.

Motorcycles go by – car after car goes by – SUVS with tinted windows, SUVS with windows down and men holding guns – and one yells at my boyfriend who steps off the curb “GET BACK ON THE CURB” and so he does. And then then, there it is – the side profile of Obama in the car. I saw him in the back seat on the right passenger side. The car made a left and POOF he was gone. I tell you, it was an exhilarating time and I left on a high.

The side of his head looks just like this. Photo Cred: Ny Mag

The side of his head looks just like this!! Photo Cred: Ny Mag

Almost Obama Encounter #4

This is a very almost – I saw his motorcade go by in NYC but I didn’t really see him or anything but I did come to the conclusion that Obama and I have yuan fen and at this point, he’s probably following me. Wherever I go, he will go.

What is yuanfen?

Yuanfen is a Chinese word that we don’t have in English. Most will try and translate this word to destiny but that’s not quite it. Yuan means cause, connection, destined, fate, karma. While fen means part, share, ingredient. Together they mean predestined to affinity or a relationship; a binding connection.

Yuanfen is related to the theology of determinism applied to two people in any relationship, even strangers at first that develop to friends or romantic partners. Yuanfen can last forever or just a period of time. It also encompasses actions that have been done in past lives but should not be confused with karma. The act of karma is a Buddhist idea which involves only one person’s actions but yuanfen always involves two people. Destiny also only involves one person and though you may argue that two people were destined to meet it is still not yuanfen as yuanfen is always positive whereas destiny may not be.

A way to describe yuanfen is to think of an invisible string that binds you to another person. All the actions you’ve done in your past lives & present life have you both dancing around this string, predestined one day to meet. This meeting may  not occur in your present life, but in a future rebirth. Yuanfen is a connection you’ve always had with someone.  It explains why you meet someone with this feeling of *I know you* yet have never met but somehow you have this deep connection, this click with someone and it’s inexplicable. According to yuanfen you’ve known each other in past lives, dancing with this invisible string that connects you.

It’s said that it takes hundreds of rebirths to bring two people to ride in the same boat; it takes thousands of eons to bring two people to share the same pillow. This illustrates the magnitude of  just how rare and beautiful yuánfèn is.

A guide/review to Rabbit Island, Japan

Ohkunoshima or “Rabbit Island” has been my brother’s fantasy for over 2 years. “A fantasy is conscious, a dream is unconscious” says my brother. Rabbit Island is most easily accessible when staying in the major tourist city of Hiroshima in Japan.

This island’s population is thousands of rabbits. There are no natural predators on the island which makes multiplying easy!

It takes 60 minutes to walk the entire perimeter of the island. We stayed for four glorious hours and it was definitely enough time, it’s also possible to spend 5 hours there up to a max of 6 if you are taking it very leisurely.

But what everyone wants to know is, what did we think? “It was great, really enjoyed it, fun for everyone, fun for all ages, something for everyone – there’s history, wartime history, and I don’t know..” says Anthony, “A unique paradise on earth” – when asked if his fantasy became a reality he said, “Yes it did”.  Anthony’s an introvert and so he only really says what’s needed but I KNOW that he LOVED IT!  L-O-V-E-D IT!!! He’s so glad he did it. It was his fantasy come true and you know what? I loved it too!!

The bunnies are extremely approachable and before you approach them they will probably approach you. They love carrots and cabbage (you must buy these things before you get to the island). The ferry pier on the way there sells pellets – 1 bag is 100 yen but if you buy 5 bags for 500 yen – the 6th bag is free. This is enough food to last you for 4 hours. Tip! Save your pellet bags and exchange them at the ferry pier for a free postcard! 1 bag = 1 postcard.

There are rules when visiting the island – no feeding rabbits close to the road or walkways – we don’t want rabbits on the road, rabbit injuries are bad. You cannot cuddle or pick up the rabbits. You can try to pet the rabbits but you will soon see they view you mostly as a feeding mechanism. Rabbits have poor eyesight so it’s best to shake your bag of pellets so they know where you are. You need to put food directly under their mouths so they find it. Rabbits also bite!! Hard! I got bit a couple of times. Do not put food where your fingers are, they will bite them. Instead, put food in the palm of your hand like a small cup. Rabbits will come to you galore!

This was one of the best days of our lives. I think it would be especially fun for young kids. There are rabbits everywhere and they aren’t rabid or dirty which is nice. You do need to do a bit of planning as it takes a total of 2 hours from Hiroshima to Rabbit Island, this includes 1 Shinkansen, 1 JR local train and 1 – 12 minute ferry. If you’re not a fan of water, not to worry! This is a very smooth and very picturesque ride. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. We would be happy to answer them. Oh, and the island is FREE! There is no entrance fee. WowZA! What a win!! Please see our photos below.

Bunnies love to photobomb

Bunnies love to photobomb


Bunnies flocking to a carrot. They can chomp. Chomping bunnies.

Come rabbit babies !!

Come rabbit babies !!

Rabbit ears

Rabbit ears

Rabbit Swarm!

Rabbit Swarm!

Rabbit head photobomb, we love you.

Rabbits – you so funny.


This is my first ever YouTube video! You can like it and share it if you want!


Anthony in heaven.

Living in Hong Kong: The Insider Scoop Part 2

To celebrate Chinese New Year, and to follow up with the popular Living in Hong Kong: The Insider Scoop Part 1, it only made sense to capitalise on the one second of fame with another post that is same same but different. Gung Hei Fat Choy!


  1. To exit a door there is often a button near the door  you must push before you can exit the door. So press the small button first, then push the door. Strange, I know.
  2. There seems to be a lot of confusion, do you stand right and walk on the left or do you walk on the left and stand on the right? The same goes for escalators – sometimes the down is on the right, sometimes the down is on the left. I’ve caught myself just about to try and go down the up escalator, not once, not twice, weekly. Weekly.
  3. As for driving, we follow the way of the Brits here and drive on the left side of the road. Even though I’ve lived here of 2.5 years, I always manage to fuck it up. Luckily, when your cross the road, there are signs on the ground telling you to look left or right for oncoming traffic. However I do advise, you look right, then left, then right, again, and continue that sequence the entire time until you are safely across the street.
  4. If it rains, most buildings will have a contraption where you insert your umbrella, big or small, and it will wrap a baggie around it as to not drip water on the floors.
  5. Thailand has Thai massage, Sweden has Swedish massage and Hong Kong has foot massage. A must do activity. There are foot massage parlours all around the city. Warning, this is not a relaxing activity.
  6. Should an ailment arise, you must do as the locals do! Eat congee, a rice porridge that is savoury usually with meat and sometimes seafood.

    Dai Pai Dong - exactly like this!! Photo Source: HK City Life

    Dai Pai Dong – exactly like this!! Photo Source: HK City Life

  7. Dai pai dongs – there is actually a lot of history here. From what I learned at the Hong Kong Museum of History, which I employ those living here or visiting to go to is that there used to be unlicensed food stalls, everywhere. After WW2, the government issued what they called “big licenses” to families who had injured or deceased family members from the war. A big license allowed you to open a food stall, a dai pai dong. This would allow you to have an income and effectively it would close down the unlicensed food stalls. These food stalls sell cheap local food from congee, to wonton noodle soup, fried rice etc. Nowadays, there are less than 25 dai pai dongs in Hong Kong. Why? An slew of hygiene issues caused many to shut down. The government stopped handing out so many big licenses and big licenses could only be passed down to their spouse if the license holder died. If the spouse didn’t want it, the license would simply expire. Most of these food stalls serve food on stools and without air conditioning in modest conditions, sometimes alleyways.
  8. Most signs are written in Chinese & English.
  9. There are no big box superstores. I can’t head down to a place that has groceries, movies, clothes, drugstores all in one. There are however a lot of malls, and these malls are huge. So many malls.
  10. Going to the movies is a VIP experience every time. One usually plans to go to the movies and buys tickets in advance, when ordering one’s ticket you also make your seat selection. Seats are usually comfy leather chairs. Alcoholic drinks are also available for purchase.
  11. If you see someone of Chinese descent rolling around a large suitcase there are most likely from Mainland China. They’ve come to Hong Kong to stock up on big brand names – everything from baby formula, to Apple, to Louis Vuitton for fear of fakes in China.
  12. Hong Kong has one of the lowest crime rates in the world making it one of the safest cities to live in. That being said, my boyfriend has been mugged in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong’s famous clubbing district. This news was a shock to all my family and friends in Hong Kong.

    Forts as far as the eye can see.

    Forts as far as the eye can see.

  13. On Sundays, it’s the domestic helpers day off and you will see many of them gathered in public spaces sitting in cardboard forts.
    Just massive. Photo Source: Buenos Aires Herald

    Just massive. Photo Source: Buenos Aires Herald

    This was the 2015 mall decoration in the Landmark. It's something like 96 bears who all move and dance, in fact everything moves on the half hour. Photo Source: Expat Living SG

    This was the 2015 mall decoration in the Landmark. It’s something like 96 bears who all move and dance, in fact everything moves on the half hour. Photo Source: Expat Living SG

  14. Decorations for Christmas and Chinese New Year are HUGE, I mean literally massive. Lights can take up entire buildings while decorations go floor to ceiling in the atrium of any big mall.
  15. A queue is just a large blob of people.
  16. When wanting to get a server’s attention in a restaurant you raise your hand. It’s very effective, especially when accompanied by an “Mmm goi!”
  17. Chicken feet, beef brisket, tendon and the like are all considered delicacies here.
  18. On the MTR (Mass Transit Rail/Subway) you are not allowed to bring metallic balloons or roasted pigs on board. I like not knowing why – keeps the mystery alive!
  19. Eating and drinking is not allowed in the paid stations of the Mtr, or on any public transit for that matter.
  20. When exchanging business cards, one should give the card with two hands. This is a sign of humility and respect. You should also receive the other person’s card with two hands, study the card, and place it in a respectful place, never writing on it or damaging it.
  21. Recycling is not the norm here. There are some recycle bins around the city but nothing like North America. Homes here are not provided with blue bins or green bins, everything goes into one bin, the black bin.
  22. Air pollution is bad, but not as bad as China. Wearing a mask to cover your nose and mouth isn’t uncommon.
  23. All public spaces are disinfected if not once an hour, then daily at least – buttons, handrails, and door knobs.
  24. Though it may not seem like it, Hong Kong does technically have 4 seasons. A dry winter, a wet spring, a humid summer, and a warm autumn. The reality is that Hong Kong has 8 months of summer, 2 months of autumn, and 2 months more of summer.
  25. People are always taking pictures of random stuff, like fire hydrants.
  26. People sometimes just hoark and spit on the streets. That’s gross.

    I've never taken this one. Usually I ride the 10 or 31. Photo Source: Ied Edu

    I’ve never taken this one. Usually I ride the 10 or 31. Photo Source: Ied Edu

  27. Minibuses are like regular buses but you guessed it, mini in size. These buses are interesting because they only stop when you call out the stop you want in CANTONESE. Therefore you have to know the route ahead of time and you have to speak Cantonese, or hope someone is getting off at the same stop you are.
  28. Its common to end a sentence here with – “la”. Ok laaaa. This one is hard to explain, you just have to experience it.
  29. You do not tip taxi drivers here. It is customary however to tip at actual restaurants – 10% but even then, you don’t really have to. Some restaurants will add a service charge, so best to check before you leave a tip!
  30. If someone holds the door open for you, you should marry that person. It’s only happened to me once, and I was so shocked, I couldn’t even get out a ‘thank you’, but from that day forward, I vowed, if anyone ever opens the door for me again – INSTANT MARRIAGE.
  31. Stuff that kills me is shirts that have English writing on them that make no sense. Kills me. e.g. “Be danced. Or dance” – what does that even mean?! or “Fart. Sexy. Style”…or my favourite, “I love me”
  32. YOU DEFINITELY remove your shoes before entering a Chinese person’s home. I personally, don’t know why you wouldn’t, but you definitely do. My Dad doesn’t even like barefoot in the house – Chinese people wear slippers. If I were to go to someone else’s house and I was wearing sandals, I would bring along a pair of socks to change into. I will uphold my family honour!
  33. Tea time! A time between 2-5pm when most local restaurants will serve you food plus tea at a discount of about 30%.
  34. Hong Kong is a mecca for air conditioning – everyone LOVES it. So while it may be 40C outside, it can be very cool inside. Always bring a cardigan or scarf or risk freezing
  35. Air conditioning units have a habit of dripping on you. Just move past it.
  36. If you purchase something in Hong Kong, make sure that’s the thing you want. Refunds are rare here.
  37. If you speak Cantonese, you will encounter the most amazing sales people. They are just so convincing. They even add up the savings for you…And this is how I ended up with $800USD worth of Aveda hair products. She got me. She got me!!
  38. Some local bathrooms don’t have tissue paper – so depending on where you go it’s a good idea to bring some. Also, some toilets are old school holes in the ground, not my favourite.
  39. You can drink the water here but many people prefer to filter it, or as I mentioned in the last post, since Chinese people only drink hot or warm water, they’ve got nothing to worry about.
  40. If you’re going out on the town, the normal meet up time is between 10-12pm. Parties can last until 1pm the next day. Additionally, the boy scouts motto definitely applies in Hong Kong – always be prepared. Once I went out for lunch, or I thought I was just going out for lunch and I ended up out until 4am. Things just escalate. Volar.
  41. The customer service here sucks. It’s the worst.
  42. The late night food of choice is Tsui Wah – serving local comfort foods akin to a Denny’s in America but Chinese of course, kebabs, or McDonald’s.
  43. If you dine in a nice Chinese restaurant, there are two sets of chopsticks. One pair is black, one pair is beige. The black pair is used to take food from the giant communal lazy Susan. You then switch to the beige pair to eat your food. Don’t spread germs!
  44. When with a large group of Chinese people and someone raises their glass and says “Yum Booi” – that means, “Drink from your cup”, this is very different then “Gone Booi”, which means “Dry your cup” – drink the whole thing!! This is of course, done with alcohol.
  45. People largely use what’s app here and phone calls are used in only the most necessary moments. I still call people, really throws them off!
  46. Swimming in Hong Kong water is kind of gross and polluted.
  47. Having a Hong Kong Identity card makes entering and exiting the country a breeze. Simply insert the card into a machine, press your thumbprint into the pad, and voila! You’re out or you’re in, no customs, no nothing!
  48. Hong Kong airport is one of the greatest airport’s in the world.
  49. Hong Kong is in no way set up like a grid. Get ready for a world of alleyways – one of my favourite things.

    The king of baos. This one has a slice of butter in it. Photo Source: GQ Trippin

    The king of baos. This one has a slice of butter in it. Photo Source: GQ Trippin

  50. Pineapple buns along with condensed milk toast are just some of the best things on the planet.