Super magical moment outside of my apartment!!


I’m really sorry, since I started Youtube, I’ve been neglecting my blog – and/or trying to figure out when I should blog vs Youtube. ANYWAYS, excuses excuses – but also I got food poisoning Wednesday to now. the plane ride was NOT FUN from Bali to Hong Kong on Wednesday night. Anyways, ANYWAYS, here I am in bed, close to the bathroom, and the most magical moment happened.

I heard this sound, like music from outside my window – and I know that song, the Mario theme song! Haha, I haven’t heard that in so long – so I look outside my window and I see a black scary type looking van backing up and as it backs up it’s playing this theme song. Just nooooo way, it can’t be! Then it parks itself. Opens up and it’s just bottles and bottles of water inside. Ok, so a man and a woman deliver some bottles of water while I wait perched at my window sill for the van to move again, poised with my phone on video mode.

And it does it – it moves forward at first, but I know it has to back up because that street is a one way dead end narrow street and I know the van only makes the sound backing up and then IT DOES, IT DOES IT AGAIN!!!! Oh happy day!

Movie of the Year!

I used to post a lot of movie reviews, and I don’t really anymore, not sure why – maybe I watch less movies. Well I guess I do because in the last 10 years or so movies have really not be so great. So when a movie DOES come along that is a WOW, it definitely stands out way way way above the rest.

I think you’ll be surprised to hear that the movie of the year that I’ve chosen is none other than, Central Intelligence with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Yes, surprise!! But honestly, this movie has it all. It’s funny, it’s touching, it has action, it has enough plot – although I have to admit I’m really into those BANG BANG CIA type movies in general but this is like so funny. And I’m not really even into comedy.

All you really have to know is that DJ and Kevin Hart are HILARIOUS. Like I can’t even. I’ve watched this movie 3 times. THREE. Once with my Mom. Once with my Boyfriend who actually didn’t want to watch it but we got in a fight and then it was one of those – “We can do whatever you want” type scenarios – and what did I choose? Central Intelligence. Says a lot about me, says a lot about the movie. And you know what? He loved it (liked it). THEN I watched it one time on the plane, lol-ing to myself.

It's already funny just look at the photo Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

It’s already funny just look at the photo Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

The crazy thing is – you might be thinking like Dwayne Johnson? Isn’t he THE ROCK? HIS TRANSITION INTO ACTING IS SO SEAMLESS THAT I NEVER THINK ABOUT WHAT HE MAY OR MAY NOT BE COOKING. If you haven’t seen this movie, there’s still time because I mean well, it’s not like you have to watch it by the end of 2016 – but you can, and there’s still time for that.

Second Runner Up:

On a completely different spectrum I also really loved Stephen Hawkings – The Theory of Everything. I watched this on the plane and WOW, tearjerker. Blubbered like a baby – do we ever really know how much we love someone? GAH, my heart!!

Obamascades: My adventures with Obama Part 2/2

Almost Obama Encounter #2

My brother and I took a 10 day trip to Japan last May – guess who else took a trip to Japan? That’s right, El Presidente. At this point I don’t think you could say he was following me but just maybe coincidence.

Even bigger coincidence, we were staying at the same hotel in Hiroshima, but one week apart from each other. He’s like my polkeroo – just missed him again.

Obama Encounter #3

In NYC this time – this was just 2 weeks ago! And the UN is also in town. My boyfriend and I decide to eat out in the East Village – afterwards we take a walk around town in the same general area on walk along a small quiet side street and suddenly we see tons of motorcycles – I mean a crazy amount. But it’s obvious this is not a motorcycle gang – something else is going on. Behind them, huge black SUVS – tons. And if you look ahead, all the road are blocked and there is security standing at every corner – this time it’s made clear. Obamarama is having dinner on this street and is waiting to make his exit.

Motorcycles go by – car after car goes by – SUVS with tinted windows, SUVS with windows down and men holding guns – and one yells at my boyfriend who steps off the curb “GET BACK ON THE CURB” and so he does. And then then, there it is – the side profile of Obama in the car. I saw him in the back seat on the right passenger side. The car made a left and POOF he was gone. I tell you, it was an exhilarating time and I left on a high.

The side of his head looks just like this. Photo Cred: Ny Mag

The side of his head looks just like this!! Photo Cred: Ny Mag

Almost Obama Encounter #4

This is a very almost – I saw his motorcade go by in NYC but I didn’t really see him or anything but I did come to the conclusion that Obama and I have yuan fen and at this point, he’s probably following me. Wherever I go, he will go.

Obamascades: My escapades with Obama Part 1/2

Obamascades: An escapade you go on with none other than President Obama.

And it’s true – I’ve gone on 3-4 of them kind of. Let me explain.

Almost Obama encounter #1

Two years ago my Mom and I were visiting Washington D.C – home of Obamarama! On that trip I told my Mom that I was going to run into Obama and he was going to give me a piggyback ride. My Mom rolled her eyes and to be honest, I don’t even know myself where I come up with these ideas but I was convinced.

My Mom and I spent the day at the International Spy Museum (very cool! You should check it out). My Mom and I split off in the museum because she’s going to read every single plaque in that place and watch every single movie, I call museums a baby sitting service for Moms…anyways. You know how museums work – they are usually set up so there’s one way in and one way out. Work your way from the top to the bottom. And I was at the bottom. Went to the gift shop, saw a book on ninjas (very cool) and the museum made the announcement that they were closing. BUT WAIT? Where was the Mothership?

Knowing my Mom, I figured she got stuck at the KGB section, just knowing her – that’s what I figured, and so I started going back into the museum. As I went up the stairs, little Mom was coming down the stairs and I said to her,

“Where have you been? I almost lost you! Were you at the KGB section? The museum is closing!”

Next to us was an older gentleman laughing to himself as he watched a daughter scold a mother like a mother would scold a daughter. But you know what? I was right – she was at the KGB section. She felt tired. Sat an on ottoman and fell asleep. Which furthers my point that museums are baby sitting services.

So we get outta there and the roads are completely shut in all directions for miles and miles. There are MIB on every street corner – earpieces in. Crowds are starting the gather – what what. I can feel it, it’s Obamatime. These mens won’t tell you what’s going on but I’m smarter than the average bear – My Obamadar is SWITCHED ON!

I feel you sister Photo credit: Business Insider

I feel you sister Photo credit: Business Insider

A group of protesters walks by too – a clear indicator in the right direction and suddenly we have it, a motorcade – it goes on forever. Motorcycles, SUVS, fancy other black cars, vroom vroom and I stood there and I watched it. And the motorcade turned left. And once it was gone – MIB let the secret out – it WAS OBAMA, he was on his way to the sporting arena to catch a game. So there was have it folks, not only is Obama just like us, he wants to watch games but also – I almost saw him and to say he almost gave me a piggy back ride is a stretch but I think if he did see me, he would probably be compelled to give me one.

Shopping in Bangkok: A guide to Platinum Mall

Bangkok has recently entered into one of my top shopping cities worldwide (others include NYC and Seminyak, Bali).

What makes Bangkok so special is not that is boasts lots of malls (I mean it does) but that it has wholesale markets. A wholesale market is where a retailer might come to buy clothes (or any item) in bulk and then resell said item at their store for a profit.

If you have time, and patience, and can survive a Forever 21 around Christmas time then you’re the right candidate for shopping in Bangkok! But honestly, you don’t need to be Forever 21 level serious because even I can barely handle that place but what you do need is a sharp eye and some quick decision making skills. Additionally, you need to understand what size you are what type of clothes look good on you as you’re often not allowed to try things on. They will however measure you with a measuring tape to see if the item will fit you.

Many clothes are free size HOWEVER, if you are larger than an American Medium, this is not really the place for you. The sizes here run SMALL. For reference, I am an America XXS/XS/S and I am a M-L, more on the L side of things here. There are a lot of “Free Size” items – one size fits all, these items are quite large on me, looking very oversized Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen style – so you can fit into some clothes if you are larger than an American Medium but you will be limited in your offering.

Tip: Bring a mini suitcase so you can roll along your purchases, this is going to be an all day adventure and you don’t want to be carrying stuff in bags, you’ll tire easily.

Tip: Don’t bring your family – I mean you can but I think that’s crazy, it’s so crowded and there’s so much stimulus it’s just a bad idea if you’re a serious shopper. I recommend going alone or with 2-3 people maximum.

One of the greatest places on earth!

One of the greatest places on earth!

A Guide to Platinum Mall

Platinum Mall, though is technically a mall in that it is indoors and covered AND has air conditioning, it’s really a market in a sense. It’s shops within a mall but some tiny shops, some bigger shops but don’t expect fancy displays, it’s bags of clothes and chaotic hanging of items.

As I mentioned, it is a wholesale mall – there is little bargaining here. If you buy 2-3 items at one store then you get the wholesale price. The wholesale price is about 100 baht difference to the single item purchase price or 3USD. These items do not need be the same and you can mix and match the items within the shop.

Platinum mall is pretty big. It’s divided into 3 zones, among 2 buildings and 7 floors (Don’t forget the basement!). Each zone is divided a little bit differently (see below) but what you can find at Platinum mall includes: Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Accessories (purses, scarves, fashion jewellery etc), Leather goods, and a food court. There are also some cell phone cases but this is not an electronics mall. It is majority, a fashion mall with items coming from Thailand, China, and Korea. (Note: I have done some shopping in China and do not feel the clothes are duplicated in this mall).

Navigation for Platinum - study it well.

Navigation for Platinum – study it well.

The best way to navigate Platinum Mall is zone by zone. It is not IMPOSSIBLE to find a store again if you need to but I would suggest if you like something in one shop, buy it right then. Most shops sell different items and the prices are not different. If you see an item again and the price is different check the detailing again – there will be a reason why the price is different – usually something is left out like a lining or additional lace etc). My favourite zones are 3 and 2 for Women’s clothes – I think here you can find clothes that are similar to Anthropolgie, Club Monaco, and American Apparel. You really need to have a keen eye for this.

Worst photo ever but the only one I have.

Worst photo ever but the only one I have. Accessories Floor.

All stores take cash and some take Visa – there are ATMs around the perimeter of the mall, for reference, on average I paid 250 baht per item (about 6USD). Some items are as low as 100 and some up to 2000. 2000 baht items are usually dresses of intricate or formal detail. There is a surprising amount of women’s formal wear here.

I’m very careful with my purchases and came out with about 10 pieces – spending around 4000 baht which is about 114USD. What a bargain!

Platinum Mall’s website states it is open from 8am-8pm Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday and 9am-8pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. It is in my experience that the mall really opens at 9:30am and closes around 6:30pm. It is advised to go right when the mall is opens and on a weekday to avoid claustrophobia. Here you will find locals and foreigners shopping till they dropping. I can handle the mall for about 6-7 hours and in that time I have covered a lot of ground methodically, eaten in the food court but am exhausted afterwards. Go well rested, wear running shoes, and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! Happy Shopping!

The Platinum Fashion Mall, Juristic Person
222 11th Floor Petchburi Road, ThanonPetchburi, Ratchthevi

Can Pokemon Go save the world?

The much anticipated Pokemon Go just launched in Hong Kong 2 days ago and I have to say it’s fun AND has so much potential! This is the first time I think a game/app can change the way we see not only the world around us but people around us.

I started by catching my very first Pokemon in my apartment – Charmander for those who are curious, and then taking it to the streets. Everyone’s playing and I’ve made some new Poke street friends.

Gotcha! Right in front of the dehumidifier!

Gotcha! Right in front of the dehumidifier!

The concept of the game just makes so much sense to me. Without knowing anything about Pokemon you understand that you just gotta get out there and CATCH EM ALL! How simple an idea. I love that it’s augmented reality and I love that you have to MOVE around to catch em.

Here I am in Causeway Bay! Gotta catch em all!

Here I am in Causeway Bay! Gotta catch em all!

Pokemon Go is like a world wide “Let’s Move” campaign – how many people are out of their house or office or taking extra steps to go from one place to another just to catch a Pokemon or hit a Poke stop? TONS – I see messages online like, “Decided to walk home tonight” – WHOA, that’s huge. Moving in any way is good for the body and I’m happy to see Pokemon Go help people do that. On top of that, you get to discover your own city which is really cool. There are so many Poke stops that maybe you didn’t know about before  – or neighbourhoods or side streets that you haven’t discovered. Mountains you haven’t climbed, lakes you haven’t swam in and I like that PG brings out the adventurer in you.

The other great thing is the social aspect. Earlier I mentioned I made some new Poke friends on the street. Nowadays, we don’t really talk to strangers – and the news tells us why, seriously some bad shit happens but now we can talk to strangers via the common denominator “Did you see that Jiggy Puff?” – “I caught a Pikachu” and bond over just having fun. This being said always be vigilant, there are always bad seeds looking to take advantage of the good but at the same time prevail in unity with your fellow Pokemon Trainers!

Here I am! CharmangelaPuff - Pokemon Trainer, Level 7.

Here I am! CharmangelaPuff – Pokemon Trainer, Level 7.

So basically, it is my hope and dream that Pokemon unites us as a people, helps us move our body and discover our surroundings. In short, I hope Pokemon Go saves the world. No pressure. My Pokemon handle is CharmangelaPuff – see you on the outside.


So recently my new thing has been watching poms get their haircut. I seriously can’t get enough. It’s like a little toy bear dog goes in for a fur trim and it’s just the cutest thing ever.

This one I love because of his expressions. He’s just like confused and adorable and he just wanted a little off the top but now they’re going for the whole thing!

This was the first video I saw some months back. Then via The Facebook I saw another video – THIS POM IS THE BEST. Her name is Shila and she lives in Turkey. I can’t imbed Instagram videos – so I have to embed this youtube video but watch it on mute because I think the music ruins it.

So what I love about her is that she *knows* that she’s getting beautified and she’s standing there not posing but not strutting but all like she KNNNOOWS she looks good. I like that she’s almost seeking approval – like “Hey, hey! Look at me! I’m doing such a good job getting groomed!” – I also like she does this whole catwalk spin at the end and I love how her head just gets absorbed by her neck. I love that. I think she’s the cutest.

And then, one Thursday night, just like 2 or 3 Thursdays ago I thought to myself, wow these poms getting their haircut is so cute I can’t stand it and I am going to dedicate my whole night to watching poms get their haircut (probably says something about me and my time value OR about me and my love for cuteness). I pulled up the youtube and surprisingly there aren’t that many videos with poms getting their haircut. You’d think it was natural to film your dog at the groomers but I guess not.

After some disappointment and probably a bag of chips – and then some time thereafter that like a week or so. I discovered @shila_the_pom ‘s Instagram account. Which I guess should have been obvious from the Facebook video but whatever. She’s adorable. Like can’t get enough – but then what I discovered, equally as good if not better was @petstylistt – her groomer!!!

Herein lies the hub of the cutest dog grooming videos. Just crazy cute. Prepare for 3 hours of your life to just evaporate. It’s not even just dogs, it’s also cats and also, I just found out @petstylistt has been featured on Buzzfeed, he’s famous. It’s my favourite Instagram account and I’m sure, soon to be yours too.