Let’s talk depression

In Canada we have something called Bell Let’s talk – it’s a campaign run by a telecom company to raise awareness about mental health, for evert social media post about mental health, Bell donates a certain amount to a mental health related cause.

To me, the most interesting part of this is to raise awareness. Two years ago I participated in this and I wanted to share with you what I wrote.

Because everyone sees you as strong,

so how could you be weak?

Because you are resilient, persistent, and capable…

because people look up to you, because you’re funny,

because you motivate, support and inspire others…

how could be be down?

Because even though you often see the silver lining,

radiate positivity and have a can do attitude

doesn’t mean sometimes you don’t.

It doesn’t mean mental illness doesn’t get you.

Because even you might be confused.

How could it be me?

I know, because it was me. #Bellletstalk

I am more then willing to answer questions or receive comments, please contact me here: angela@aforangela.com. Let’s talk.

Tabata – Why I guess I love it

First, what is Tabata?

Basically, Tabata is high intensity interval training usually one exercise is done for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 times adding up to 4 minutes. A different exercise is followed  by the last for the same amount of time. Usually a total of 8 exercises are done – putting you at 32 minutes of INTENSE training.

Tabata was invented by a Japanese guy who I will now look up – Dr. Izumi Tabata (I guess I could have guessed his last name…) anyways he did some study blah blah. I’m here to tell you why I like it, not other stuff.

Ok – so maybe you are wondering what types of exercises are included in Tabata (this qualifies as other stuff, but it’s important so you know why I like it) – mostly body weight stuff – sometimes we use plates,  lunges, squats, variations of lunges, variations of squats but they have a cardio component so you are always trying to do the exercise as fast as you can. Without injury of course. Then there are pure cardio exercises – these usually double as some form of abdominal or mobility exercise. Anyways, exercises of all types. Which leads me to #1.

  1. Variety – I like how the classes are always different. New exercises, new moves, I never get bored.
  2. Efficiency – I don’t want to be at the gym any longer than I need to – 32 minutes of intense work that I think is
  3. Effective – I think it is very difficult to push yourself to this level intensity on your own. I feel the workout is effective because I feel stronger and broken after. Leading me to believe I am still burning calories long after the class has ended.
  4. All encompassing – I like activities that are all encompassing – cannot focus on something else. It is only when our mind and body are truly connected in the same moment that we feel the most alive. For me, other such activities include surfing, spinning, pottery, buying clothes or accessories…you are completely in the moment, and right now this is all that matters. Mostly because what you’re doing afterwards doesn’t matter because right now, I might vomit.

I wish I could do Tabata twice a week but right now I can only manage one. This is due to poor gym scheduling by my gym and I am about to write them an e-mail and talk to the receptionist who knows me by name even when I call WITHOUT caller id.

So, I guess I love Tabata for the reasons listed and usually I tell people the hardest part about going to the gym is getting there, but the hardest part about Tabata is Tabata, and that 10 seconds rest, what a cruel joke. It will take you 10 seconds just to set up for the next 20 seconds! All I have to say is, welcome to Tabata.


Now, you’ve all heard of badminton, well, this is DADminton. Basically, it’s just playing badminton with your dad. Which is basically, bad ass. And if you’ve been following my blog then you know my Dad, kinda. And if you haven’t been following my blog, now you’re gonna get to know him sorta.

Dad and I went to play badminton, which was really dadminton because as we just learned, I went with my Dad and I just said “Dad and I went to play badminton”.

The thing with my Dad is, he allllllways wears a dress shirt and trousers. And I mean always. Actually, I mean ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS!! And you ask me, how often? Well, you’re dumb. Because I just said always 9 times.

Below, you will see that Dad wore this outfit to play badminton. Please note the pen in his pocket.

You might be thinking like this is only one example. What if she’s exaggerating. Hello, why would I do that?

And not pictured, but believable, Dad on the treadmill.


Food poisoning, it happens.

Food poisoning doesn’t discriminate against anyone. No one is immune to this. As it is a universal, dare I say, phenomenon (but not because we all know exactly how salmonella happens) – I decided to share my 3 encounters with food poisoning over a Thai massage, in Thailand, with friends. The lesson learned here was, friends who appreciated your bowel movements are your true friends. And if you’re about to embark on the post below, and you still like me after, guess what? We’re new besties.

Encounter 1 – Location: Egypt

The first time I ever had food poisoning was in Egypt. I actually consider myself lucky because it took me 23 years before I ever had food poisoning in my life. EXCEPT, that this was the WORST thing that ever happened to me. I can’t even pinpoint the culprit but something hated on me real bad. It felt like knives in my stomach. And it lingered on for a month. A MONTH. Followed me to Holland, ANNND, ANNND Germany.

Some particular standout incidences that involve said poison are:

1. Standing in a tiny elevator with my friend (and still friend) plus hostel dude and well *pause*- sometimes nature calls and there is nothing you can do about it. Those pants were immediately thrown out. Exactly after that incident, I lay naked on the bathroom floor for some time.

2. Being in a temple, crouched into a little ball and feeling like this is the exact sensation of being stabbed thousands of times by tiny knives. As this read all over my face – an old man came up to me and shoved tea leaves down my throat. Stranger danger?

3. You try going to the bathroom in the desert with the runs. You gotta walk real far from everyone. Dig a hole, do your stuff, put toilet paper in said hole and then cover it up. That’s what animals do but without the toilet paper. It sucks.

Encounter #2 – Location: Toronto

Before my first job in a senior position, HR called me to let me know the details of the upcoming training week. PRIORITIES OF MINE ARE: DO NOT STARVE. As this is my priority when asked if I had any questions, I asked if lunch would be provided because I didn’t want to be sad if I packed an amazing lunch and then I couldn’t eat it.

He told me, lunch was provided the first day and afterwards it would be up to me to supply my own meal. Ok. No problem.

On the second day I packed a taco salad. Can you say YUM! But surprise – my new boss and CEOs took me out for lunch. A little tough to turn that down, I said goodbye to my taco salad and left it in the fridge. I’ll have it tomorrow I thought 🙂

And I DID have it the next day – I ate the whole thing. But hey, guess what. The fridge door wasn’t fully closed. And hey, taco meat doesn’t really keep so well. I got in a taxi ASAP. Asked the driver if he had a bag. Yep he did. Hoorah! Too bad the bag had a hole in it…Opps.

In that state there’s really nothing you can do. And I really can’t stay to help clean up – I’m really sorry.

I got to my apartment as fast as I could –  ran to the bathroom, sat down, and then used the bathtub simultaneously. I believe the expression is “coming out of both ends” – something like that. Wow. That sucked.

Final Encounter – Location: Somewhere between Nairobi and London

So I spent some time in Kenya and if you have too – you’ll know the fish curry is really amazing. Not usually a fan of airplane food, I opt for the fish curry on the way from Nairobi to London. WHY WOULDN’T I? I just said, it was “really amazing” and what I really meant to say was “REALLY A-FUCKING-MAZING”. So it was the obvious choice to get.

Now the funny thing is, I didn’t get food poisoning in AFRICA. No, I got on the plane – I wish I remembered the airline because boy, would I shake my fist at it!!

I had a 7 hour layover in Heathrow. And I now know every single bathroom there is and what it’s like to live off of a diet of rice cakes for a week. So, lesson learned, some native foods should only be consumed in their home country. They don’t travel well except into a toilet. Lots of times.


The end.


Top 10 Makeup Must Haves

Recently I’ve gotten into makeup. That does not mean I’m a makeup expert. I’m most definitely not and most days am wearing little to no makeup. So now that I’ve established my (non) credibility, I was browsing through the Sephora website and came across a thread “Top 10 Makeup Products You Would Repurchase” – innnnteresting! So I thought, what are mine?

In no particular order:

Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer

1. I love it because it helps makeup last all day and keeps your skin looking smooth and flawless!


2. First discovered this in an interview with Amy Tagliamonti – it has a great consistency, easily blendable, and stays put with some powder <3 $38? It’s pricey but a little bit will do you so the value is there!

Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick

3. A cult classic because it gives off just a hint of natural color – a little bit more than your lips natural tone. Perfect for a fresh face or to balance out a smokey eye. I love it because it easily perks your face up! Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita $30


4. This is THE Blair Waldorf lip gloss – shiny and glossy, the sparkles don’t turn me off. They are almost light reflecting in a way that make for a beautiful Gossip Girl pout. Perfectly polished you definitely need to visit the Chanel counter to see which shade is right for you. Mine is Wild Rose. Perfect for an understated yet prominent lip. Chanel Glossmiers $30 – Note: Does not have a long lasting effect, must reapply often but worth it!

Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara

5. You don’t need to be a makeup expert to use this! An easy coat creates lots of volume – I’ve been asked many times, are my lashes real! They don’t give a fake unnatural effect just your own lashes pumped up! I recommend using it with their Lash Builder as primer. Prescriptives Lash Envy Mascara $21 – Note: Can only buy online, ships within the States only – US credit cards only. Well worth the hassle.


6. Depending on your skin type, one of these three setting sprays will be sure to make your makeup last! The times that I actually do use makeup – I want to make sure it doesn’t fade. The worst is leaving your house thinking “Hey! I look great!” to coming home thinking “WTF is my face”. It claims to last for $12 hours – I’d say up to 6, 3 of those hours being a sweaty dance party.
Personally, I use “Chill” for a dewy complexion and combination skin. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray $29 Note: Formally called “Dew Me”

7. If you’re wearing eyeshadow (whoa – I just started this 2 months ago!) primer is a MUST! This one goes on clear – lasts 8 hours and does not crease!! It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyways, creasing is not attractive. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $20

As a true testament to the (non) avid makeup wearer that I am, I actually only have 7 Top 10 Must Have’s because I can’t confidently say I would repurchase any of the other makeup I have. I just you know, am experimenting and just can’t quite put that Angela seal of approval on it. I will tell you that there are other items I LOVE but haven’t found the perfect one:

  • Gel Liner – I will try Bobbi Brown
  • Loose Powder – for setting concealer…
  • Prescriptives used to have a flush looking cream blush I loved, they no longer carry it – I’m on a quest to match it!
  • Illuminator – Maybe I’ll try Nars?

Products that I will buy:

  • NARS: The multiple in orgasm (maybe)
  • NARS: Lip gloss in Dolce Vita because I love it so much in lipstick! It’s definitely way more pigmented in the gloss though


All my brushes are Sigma brushes – quality brushes for 1/3 the price! I do at this point want to reiterate, that I don’t wear much makeup – especially on a daily basis HOWEVER I am one picky mother fucker when it comes to products…yes. I. am.


Eyeliner: Everything you wanted to know (not really)

In a constant quest to look more like Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson I’ve found it necessary to test the waters of eyeliner.

Yep, it's gonna be a tough transformation considering I'm Asian but I'm pretty confident in it

Yep, it’s gonna be a tough transformation considering I’m Asian but I’m pretty confident in it.

This has been no easy task. After months of trying, I’ve finally got it!

The secret are several, making them, secrets. Plural.

Secret #1

Ditch the pencil! What ! You’d think it’d be easy to draw a line. Well, it’s not. I’m sure you know that, why else you reading this? It’s Hard with a capital H! And like, I have pretty steady hand and consider myself to be quite capable of artistic movements and line drawing, so you other folk who are using pencils, I don’t know how you do it, but mega props.

Secret #2

It’s all about the gel eyeliner. I’ve never tried cream or liquid, so I have no idea but I still maintain that it’s all about the gel eyeliner. It comes in a little pot. You need a little brush (an eyeliner brush, not any little brush!) and already it seems more complicated than a pencil but I assure you, it’s not!

It's ALL about the gel liner! And sometimes it's all about repeating yourself.

It’s ALL about the gel liner! And sometimes it’s all about repeating yourself.

Secret #3

Don’t draw a line. That’s insane. Instead, push product one little brush width at a time onto your eyelid. Start in the middle and then push the line outward, lifting the brush after every push and then repushing it onto the next spot. So essentially, you are connecting the dots, or the lines so to speak. Once you’ve reached the outer corner, go back and start at the inner corner. It’s weird, and doesn’t make sense but it works. So do it this way.

Secret #4

Keep your eyes OPEN. I mean, I never understood how people draw lines on their eyes with their eyes closed. Because, like, you can’t see…

You also don’t need to be pulling your skin all over the place. Keep your eyes open but halfway closed and come at the line drawing from the bottom – as if the brush were at a 45 degree angle to your face. Aim the brush right where your eyelashes meet your eyelid.

I’m sure this would be more helpful with visuals. But I’m not going to provide that.

There are no more secrets – YOU GOT THIS! And now you are one step closer to be Ashley or Mary-Kate Olson. At this point, I’m practically Angela Olson.

Day 3 of 12 Days of Angela – Holiday Makeup HELP!

So, you’ve survived the first weekend of December – Congratulations! Buuuut did your makeup survive? Likely not – long days, late nights, your makeup is feeling tired and overworked! It decided to snooze earlier and made you look like a panda bear. Not a good look unless you are round, fluffy, and a bear.

Step 1 to looking like a Russian doll face all night long is PRIMER! Prepping is a critical stage. You prep for everything else in life – currently my mind is blanking so the best example I can come up with is blanching – you need to blanch the potatoes BEFORE you put them in the deep fryer – this is kind of like that? Basically, you need to create a base for your makeup to stick to.

I’ve tried ONE ZILLION primers. One zillion. And the best is Napolean Perdis Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Primer. It’s also extra fun to buy because they don’t sell it in Canada. Womp. Womp. Second best is Smashbox. I’ve also heard GRRRRREEEAAAAAT things about Victoria Secret Primer but have yet to try.

Actually THE best!

Step 2: Put your face on. I have no tips for this – I don’t wear much makeup so this post seems a bit redundant but still, I know what I’m talking about. I just put on a little concealer because I’m an Asian panda but not really, and then some rouge because I like to look either sunburnt, dollface, or like I just came in from the cold or had a great workout at all times. After this, put on a light invisible loose powder to set the makeup in place.


Why do you need to set makeup? Remember molecules? They’re everywhere. And liquid molecules slip and slide all over the place. A good example is water – slippery bugger. In order for a liquid molecule to stay in place, it needs to attach itself to a solid molecule. So if you wear foundation, or concealer – the molecules in these products are sliding against the natural oils and moisturizers on your skin. STOP this banana water slide party NOW with some loose powder!

(Secret: Sometimes (almost always) I skip this step because of Step 3 and also because I’m badass like that)

Urban Decay - Dew Me Moisturizing Makeup Setting Spray

The best thing to ever happen to you, ever.

Step 3: This is the one that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. And if you’re ready for a revolution well then, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for your entire uh revolutionary life…URBAN DECAY Dew Me Moisturizing Makeup Setting Spray. Apparently Lady Gaga wears this on stage (don’t quote me on that, I said “apparently”). A light mist will do you and your makeup should last for up to 16 hours! I’ve never had that happen and I feel it’s very ambitious to say that, but I solid 12 hours I’m comfortable with.

IF you have oily skin, don’t worry! Urban Decay takes care of you too with De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray. I choose Dew Me because I want a dewy fresh look (who doesn’t?) but there are several options out there to suit you and your skin!

So be happy, be merry, have a face that stays on! Happy Holiday Facing!!