Tale as Old as Time…

…song as old as rhyme…

If you haven’t heard, you’re about to – get ready for the best thing you’ve heard in 2012 –


Yes! It IS the best thing you've ever heard. Yes. It. Is.

I am pumped! Since I saw Beauty & the Beast the musical when I was 10, I have waited a solid 17.5 years for something better (or just the musical to play again) and now it’s here! Beauty & the Beast 3D means several things:

1. Saucers in my face!

2. Teacups in my face!!

3. “There goes the baker with his tray, like always. The same old bread and rolls to sell. Ev’ry morning just the same. Since the morning that we came…there must be more to this provincial life!”…-cue in Gaston – “Just watch, I’m going to make Belle my wife!” – IN 3D!!!!!

I am PUMPED! January 13, 2012 will be the greatest day, possibly, ever, in the history of all time…in a song as old as rhyme -cue cartoon birds and musical notes – beeeeaaaaauuuuuutttyyyyyyy annnnnnnnnnnndddddd thhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeee bbbbbbeeeeeaaaaasssssssstttttt!


Various Movies

I guess this is a plug for shapecollage.com. Product placement is cool but even cooler when I'm getting paid for it...

Recently I’ve seen many (5) a movie and having ratings for you:

The Hangover

Disappointing at best. Almost 0 LOL moments. The only thing that redeems this movie is Bradley Cooper’s good looks.

Water For Elephants

Not the greatest love story in the world. Super drawn out and a serious lack of plot. This is no Notebook, but it tries to be. The best part about this movie is the elephant and it can’t even talk!

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Something Borrowed

More like Something Awful!

Had I known this movie was based on the book by Emily Giffen *pause* I would have never seen it– automatic deterrent.  But since I didn’t know, I did see it. And lucky for you because I will save you from a mixed bag-o-emotions and unsightly wardrobe styling.

The plot is essentially this:

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