D for Drama asks A for Angela…

Dear A for Angela,


I noticed that your alphabet does not yet have a D? And that you also don’t have a K! What a perfect way to tell you that I happen to have both, which happen to be in the form of one word that is hyphenated ๐Ÿ™‚


Please, pretty please tell me what your thoughts are of K-dramas, because, dramas just make my heart melt and make me feel nice and special.

Which one made you cry? Which one made you so happy that you laughed out loud at 4 in the morning while your roommates were upstairs sleeping? Which one made you sad that it ended and gave you a feeling of withdrawal?


Yours sincerely,


D for Drama

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A for Alive or Dead asks A for Angela…

Dear A for Angela,


I am a bit alarmed. There was a guy. He was a very nice Santa Clause-y looking guy on my college campus advertising the end of the world on May 23, 2011.

Most college students grumbled to themselves and to others, “Why after finals?” But I, I grumbled something different to myself. Why is this guy shoving flyers in my face every single day? Saying “ni hao” just because I LOOK Chinese. Why isn’t he doing something else with his life? All he does is sing songs loudly (though he has a nice voice) and dance across the main walkway?

He really believed his message. He’s back on campus now with a chalkboard – “98 days left” which means 97 days today.

One day, I hope to ask him why. But for you I ask, when do YOU think the world is going to end?


A for Alive or Dead

p.s We have the same initial!

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N for Not a Blogger inquires, Hi A for Angela…

Hi A for Angela,


I feel that blogging is a learning process. I’ve never blogged, but that’s how I feel. How do you feel?

Do you think that bloggers are naturally born with blogging skills (and before the
www “bloggers” just wrote some funny stuff in their diaries (or in newspapers, or books…)?) Do you read other good blogs? Or other bad blogs? Or, do you only read your blog?


Not a Blogger

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E for Evernote inquires, Dear A for Angela…

Dear A for Angela,


I recently came across “Evernote”. As we all know, everything online comes with advertisements. While working on my notes for a book I’m reading, I see in the corner of my eye – a testimony from an “Evernote” user: “I write my songs in Evernote,” an advertisement for “Crash Plan: Unlimited Backup for Every Idea,” another testimony: “I use Evernote to collect all my favorite recipes”….and so on.

It got me thinking about you, A for Angela. How do you get your ideas for what you write about on www.aforangela.com? Are they spontaneous, or do you have a secret trove of notebooks filled with wonderful and hilarious topics, waiting to be released to the world?
Signing off,

E for Evernote User

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H for Hungry inquires, Dear Angela…

Dear Angela,


I am just a poor college student, surviving on SPAM and eggs, refried beans, ramen, and mac and cheese. While I realize this diet has more variety than that of the average college student, I am still unsatisfied with the many pimples on my face, cellulite on my thighs, and jiggly upper arms.

So I think, Angela is smart. Angela is skinny. Angela is Asian. Angela has a lot of energy. How did she come out of college with great skin, great hair, great energy, and a great body???


Eagerly awaiting your response,
H for Hungry

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M for Microbe inquires, Dear A for Angela…

Dear A for Angela,


My name is Microbe #23407829, a research and development intern for the summer at Soil Kingdom. We microbes would like to be less sneaky and just outright ask, “What is soil to YOU?”

There was recently a film “Dirt!” which was all about raising awareness for us and the (sometimes) tragic life we live, as people abuse the soil and treat it as an easily replaceable natural resource. This is WRONG.

It is your chance to raise awareness to those unaware of the potentially wondrous benefits of GOOD soil throughout the world wide web. Go.


Respectfully yours,
Microbe #23407829
Intern, Marketing Department
Soil Kingdom

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C for Candace inquires, Dearest Angela…

Dearest Angela,


First, I must say that your blog is amazing. Simply deeelightful!

Second, my question. Can you give us a hint on your next letter in the alphabet?


Thanks for such splendid blog material!



Dear Candace,


I am glad I could delight you! How fun! Macaroons delight me, YUMM-E!

Your question also delights me! The next letter will most likely be “S” but S for what?! Only time will tell!


Thanks for asking,