Super magical moment outside of my apartment!!


I’m really sorry, since I started Youtube, I’ve been neglecting my blog – and/or trying to figure out when I should blog vs Youtube. ANYWAYS, excuses excuses – but also I got food poisoning Wednesday to now. the plane ride was NOT FUN from Bali to Hong Kong on Wednesday night. Anyways, ANYWAYS, here I am in bed, close to the bathroom, and the most magical moment happened.

I heard this sound, like music from outside my window – and I know that song, the Mario theme song! Haha, I haven’t heard that in so long – so I look outside my window and I see a black scary type looking van backing up and as it backs up it’s playing this theme song. Just nooooo way, it can’t be! Then it parks itself. Opens up and it’s just bottles and bottles of water inside. Ok, so a man and a woman deliver some bottles of water while I wait perched at my window sill for the van to move again, poised with my phone on video mode.

And it does it – it moves forward at first, but I know it has to back up because that street is a one way dead end narrow street and I know the van only makes the sound backing up and then IT DOES, IT DOES IT AGAIN!!!! Oh happy day!

Youtube’s TMI Tag

Hey you know what? Sorry, last week I posted on my Youtube and not my blog and I can’t seem to sort when to post on Youtube and when on my blog and I didn’t notify you F for Fans – apologies. Here is last week’s post.

My first ever vlog!

I have to say filming Youtube is hard. You think it’s going to be all hunky dory and nbd but it takes a lot of courage for starters and second it is weird to talk to a camera at no one and yet but yourself so kudos to everyone on the internet, really, I mean #really, I have a newfound appreciation for your work.

That being said – here is my first ever vlog – a YouTube Get to know me tag…It’s long because it’s 30 questions but just like, watch it or listen to it on a commute or at lunch or with your friends or take a break from work and call your colleagues over…haha, or not.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’m in the process of volumizing my hair and Youtube chooses 3 shots from your video that you can make your title photo – this one was the best which says a lot about the other 2.

Yo, there are different realities…

We often forget that there are different people. And I don’t mean, cultures, race, and ethnicity but I mean people who have a different reality, waaaaaay beyond a different perspective – it is a completely different way of life.

If you have 20 minutes, open your mind to a world of possibility.

How do we all connect?

A story about what it takes to form a true connection with yourself, and someone else.

We Day

I haven’t been around for awhile, and I’m so sorry…I’ve been so busy working on We Day! Check it!

Friday Night

Um, this was my Friday night. And it was awesome.

First this. LOL factor was HIGH – plus I’ve always felt like they were my friends too…”…like you’re always stuck in second gear – when it hasn’t been your day, week or month! I’ll be there fooooor you! When the rain starts to pour…I’ll be there for yoouuuu – like I’ve been there before!”

After this hilarity I felt I had opened Pandora’s virtual box!! It’s like when you find one cute puppy on YouTube. You want to see how many others there are! So after Modern Family Bloopers, Happy Endings Bloppers, and Seinfled Bloopers blahs – I found Gossip Girl! Funny because the show is so high drama their oppsies are funny. Plus, in real life Chuck Bass is English and so his accent is ahhh dorable.

THEEEN – while searching for other funny stuff, an ad came up. HAVE YOU SEEN THE GOOGLE CHROME AD? HEARTSTRINGS HAVE BEEN TUGGED PEOPLE! GAH!

And I figured, if there was one, there must be more! And there WAS!

I DIIIIIED! Plus, I am a huge sap.


Annnd, that was my Friday night! Now you know…