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Youtube’s TMI Tag

Hey you know what? Sorry, last week I posted on my Youtube and not my blog and I can’t seem to sort when to post on Youtube and when on my blog and I didn’t notify you F for Fans – apologies. Here is last week’s post.

Spring has sprung!

Every season I post my likes & dislikes because that’s just what I do.


RPM – I love spin class – it is probably my most favourite workout. I feel like I am totally connected to the music and I don’t even need to listen to the instructor, I can just hear the beat, feel the ride and be alive. What an amazing feeling! (Note: RPM is not to be confused with SoulCycle – actually, I dislike SoulCycle because it’s more of a pop dance vs an edm ride)

Surfing – even though I’m not that good at it, I mean, I’m ok once I get up but paddling out there is a real pain BUT I love this all encompassing feeling and being above water – something very cool about that. It’s not cool when you fall – immediate rag doll!! Fear of hitting my head with a board of even worse, someone running over you. I guess I don’t surf that often, but I have, and maybe I have mixed feelings about it now that I think about it…

Buying bathing suits – I think I wrote about this once before but my love continues! I have so many bathing suits. I can’t stop, won’t stop buying them. It’s just this weird thing I have and it’s weirder because I don’t even like swimming or getting wet really or wearing a bathing suit.

Soju – this might come as a surprise, but I love soju and even better? Soju bombs, nothing gets me drunk faster and tastes as good!

Packing – I love to pack, please refer to my Australia post. I love organising things in little bags, and I recently bought little bags to put inside my bigger bags. My life motto is basically you can’t have enough bags.

Golden Gaytime – this ice cream is life changing. I mean really – I was introduced to it in Sydney and believe it is only an Australian thing – and basically it’s a combination of all the best things in the world. Vanilla ice cream, covered in caramel, chocolate and then biscuit. BISCUIT. Like you can’t even imagine. Delicious!

Shenzhen, China – actually this city deserves it’s own post! I will have to write or video about this. What a fun city with so much to do. Like really unique things. I mean, eating in a Mongolian tent, seeing the Wonders of the World but in half their size, the electronics market, the painting village – and Obama’s brother lives there, I mean, WOW. I love it there.


Getting wet: Like I said, I hate getting wet. I barely like getting in the shower – but the thing with the shower is I feel like I do a lot good thinking in there, it’s a very creative time thought wise, so I like that.

Unpacking: So I love packing but I HATE TO UNPACK. Which is weird because you’d think it’s just like packing things into a different place, like drawers – but no, something about it, I just hate.

Doing the dishes: Even with gloves, my hands, the water – maybe it goes back to getting wet. Horrible.

Socks with crappy elastics: WOW, I am having a major sock issue lately. All my socks are falling down. I hate when your socks fall down, and they’re half way on but you have your shoes on – so uncomfortable. I need new socks.

Baked salmon: I basically had so much baked salmon that I am super sick of it.

Cloudy days: Wow severe depression

Cramps: Sometimes I hate my uterus.

My first ever vlog!

I have to say filming Youtube is hard. You think it’s going to be all hunky dory and nbd but it takes a lot of courage for starters and second it is weird to talk to a camera at no one and yet but yourself so kudos to everyone on the internet, really, I mean #really, I have a newfound appreciation for your work.

That being said – here is my first ever vlog – a YouTube Get to know me tag…It’s long because it’s 30 questions but just like, watch it or listen to it on a commute or at lunch or with your friends or take a break from work and call your colleagues over…haha, or not.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’m in the process of volumizing my hair and Youtube chooses 3 shots from your video that you can make your title photo – this one was the best which says a lot about the other 2.

Pho Snob

I actually thing a long moon ago I posted about my love for pho, but guess what? It’s time to post about it again, because why? Because love grows. And my love for pho grows more and more each day.

Some back story – I grew up in Ottawa, Canada which you may or may not know has a large Vietnamese population and over the years the pho of this amazing people slowly began to takeover Chinatown so that now it’s like Vietnam town – they run that city! From Pho Bo Ga, to Pho Bo Ga 1 to Pho Bo Ga 2 – I mean you really can’t have enough. And best of all? Some of are open twenty pho seven! Say what? Late night pho? AFTER BAR pho? The only thing that compares is after bar poutine but that’s a whole separate pho – I mean story, haha.

So the pho, like I love it SO MUCH. So much so much. I used to drive to Thu Do from my house in Ottawa to the Vietnam town which is like 15-20 minutes to eat there BY MYSELF. I easily had pho 4 times a week.

If you follow me on Instagram – @aforangela, you will see that 50% of my pictures are just pho and me being a connoisseur of pho. Lately I’ve watched my obsession grow.

Three years ago I moved to Hong Kong, excited by it’s proximity to Vietnam and assuming it would be basically like living in a giant pho bowl. Oh wow – was I wrong. There’s not that much Vietnamese food here – W – T – F.

And guess what, I’ve been to Vietnam quattro times, four times, yeah four different times and the Vietnamese food there is not that good. I know. Shocking. How can it be? Well simply, quality of ingredients. The standard is not so high so wow that was like a dagger through my heart.

So now that I live in Asia and it’s surprisingly pho lonely what’s a girl to do? Naturally become obsessive about it. It’s now my main mission in life to seek out the best pho wherever I am. I have become pho snobby that I creep over to other people’s tables to look at the shape (width and thickness) + texture of the rice noodles before committing myself to a bowl.

Pho has taken over my life so much so that I now refer to anything as a noodle, including pasta – this awkwardly came up one night when I was eating at a real Italian person’s house having their homemade lasagna. What do I mean by real Italian? I mean like we went to the bar and he facetimed his Mom, “Ciao Mama” and hand makes their own meatballs. So the lasagna was the best I’ve ever had but I made an Asian faux pas by calling the pasta, noodles. But like if you see where I’m coming from, that’s a compliment.

Anyways – 2 pho places opened here in Hong Kong that deserve special mention and I am pretty much VIP there if there were such a thing. The first is Pho Bar – it’s great for value for money and I love that they have the option of both thin and thick noodles (I love thin noodles, very hard to find) and they offer zucchini noodles for the carb conscious which ONE TIME I got and it took everything I had in me to get them because I LIVE for rice noodles, all day, everyday. What I don’t like is their meatballs, just like weird and bland and also they don’t have tendon. I love tendon. And the broth is a little dark and heavy AND I wish the soup came out so hot it was about to burn me, I’m into that.

Pho from Brass Spoon – I should mention they use a brass spoon which is not shaped appropriately for pho. It’s no where deep enough, UGH.

Second, Brass Spoon. This place for starters is hella expensive. I mean pho just shouldn’t cost that much. Like $15USD, that’s insane. BUT I do like their broth and they have tendon. What is totally crazy pants is that they close at 7pm. Their noodles are good too but too thick for me, like I said, I like the thin noodles and also the broth could be hotter.

So this post is losing some train of thought – BUT, the point is that – I live for pho, I love carbs, I would eat rice noodles for the rest of my life. PHO 4 EVA. #phosnobdontcare And I should mention I eat pho like 2-4 times a week and that type of gluttony makes you a snob, pho sure.


For more pho photos, please head to my instagram @aforangela, please also note I love instastory. 

What to do in Sydney + more – Part 2/2

Note: Sorry there are no photos, I’m having a coding issue…fixing asap – let this be a test of trust! My recommendations are good, I promise!

Some things I didn’t do but would if I went back:

  • Watson’s Bay beach club for a fun day of drinks and chill. Must take a ferry.
  • Royal National Park – a 1.5 hour drive from the city I would have liked to do a rock pool called Figure 8, a coastal walk called Wedding Cake and see the Wattamalla Falls.
  • Sandboarding
  • Spend more time in the botanical gardens
  • The grounds of Alexandria – a really cool spot to eat lunch.
  • Hang out at Bucket List on a Sunday at Bondi for good vibes
  • Museum of Contemporary Art – actually I didn’t get a chance to go in.
  • And other outdoor related things, paddle boarding, whale watching, kayaking etc.
  • Visit some vineyards

Things I don’t recommend:

  • Sydney Observatory tour – $20AUD  – I did the night tour but I didn’t think it was overly informative or interesting which is a shame because I really love space. Either way, an observatory int eh city makes no sense of course because there’s too much light pollution.

Things I suggest you consider:

  • Renting a car – it’s a really inaccessible city. If you are time rich, you’ll never have taken the bus so many times and can do it but otherwise, rent a car. Sydney is huge.
  • It’s really expensive. I mean really. The food, the transit, the sights. For reference – Orange Juice $8, Bottle of Water $3, Bagel with salmon and cream cheese $15, 15 minute taxi $25, Didgeridoo $120-$2400 but the best looking ones start at $350
  • All the shops close mega early – like 17:30-18:30 and I would consider 18:30 as late. That is being open late.
  • This city is great for families minus the cost because there’s lots you can do here.
  • There are a lot of stores claiming to sell UGGS but they are not THE UGGS you see back home. And you know what? They’re expensive! (Shocker)
  • Buying sheepskin here if that’s your thing
  • Or buying a didgeridoo, which I did – and I got a discount on it and you can get your GST back on transactions over $300. Make sure you download the app if you need to make the claim, it will save you a ton of time at customs.
  • The sun is very hot – wear a ton of sunscreen.
  • The weather can be very unpredictable, like hail in summer unpredictable and the weather is cool in the morning and at night but blazing during the day.
  • The signage in the city is terrible – especially for bus stands.
  • Use an opal card to get around equivalent of an oyster or octopus except you must tap on and off everywhere including buses which I forget to do a lot.

If you have any questions – please let me know! Overall, I think Sydney is worth it but I wouldn’t transit over 14hours for it. It’s not incredibly special like it’s neighbour New Zealand which I think is #worth it even though I haven’t been there.


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What to do in Sydney + more – Part 1/2

So first, I think the most common question I get asked in Sydney is whether or not I like it. And now I insert a fact, A FACT – not showing off or being obnoxious but A FACT. I have been to around 60 countries and hundreds of cities.

Sydney is like a cross between San Fransisco and Bali – it’s a city on the coast. It has a city centre and operates like LA in the way that you need a car because it’s so big but the traffic isn’t as bad but the transit is hella expensive and just insane. Going anywhere takes at least 40minutes.

Additionally – people told me Aussies are so nice, they are average nice, being a Canadian it’s really hard to compare, we are crazy nice. Like – “Hey! Sorry” – person A, “Sorry” – person B, “No, I’m sorry”- person A, and so and so forth until someone says “Thank you” and then you hug.

I think people get offended when you say you wouldn’t want to live there – I don’t want to live there despite what immigration thinks. I like it but there’s this slight edge and bro culture to the city that I don’t like. Besides that it’s really, really far from the rest of the world. It’s even not thaaaaaaat close to New Zealand or Bali.

Overall, I liked Sydney – I think there is a ton to do. My recommendations are:

  • Spit to Manly walk – take the bus to Spit bridge and it is a 3 hour walk (but wear hiking clothes) along the coast to Manly beach, from Manly beach you can take the ferry back to Sydney with amazing views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera house. I much prefer this over the Bondi to Coogee walk – while very nice, if you have driven Highway 1 looks very similar.
  • The Toronga Zoo. This was really touch and go for me. I didn’t want to see animals caged up but hey, guess what they weren’t really! Yes kangaroos hoping around. The thing with the zoo is that it’s really expensive $46AUD – but 2 people had recommended me to go before I came and several others while I was there. The cool thing with the zoo is the main attractions, like the bridge and opera house and backdrops to the zoo and again, the ferry ride is incredible. I would have spent all day there. There’s lots of talks and shows and the wild ropes walk looked so cool. Plus the cable car which was under maintenance when I was there but really, I loved it. I also read you can do a Night Safari and camp overnight there which sounds very cool but it is expensive at $330pp.
  • The Fish Market tour. This is an early rise – starting at 6:40am the 2 hour tour walks you through the auction process, brings you to floor – explains where all the fish come from, what to look for in fresh fish and really anything you want to know about fish. I think it’s expensive at $35pp. (All prices in AUD) – the reason why I think it was worth it is because I really learned a lot and I might never get into the Tsujki Fish Auction in Tokyo so this was my next best chance.
  • Bondi Sunday Market – markets here are really fancy – I’ve never seen anything like it – they have fitting rooms and take credit card (that’s how you know it’s not cheap)- but you know what I learned? You can still bargain! HA!

  • Harbour bridge to the rocks, to the opera house to the botanical gardens walk. Really easy, really beautiful. Tip: There’s no need to pay $15 to go up for the view, you can walk the bridge for free and get spectacular views and photos if you stick your phone out through the fence. I recommend a selfie stick. Have lunch in the rocks- a very cute and quaint looking area but forget the rocks market, really boring but nothing special to buy.
  • Bondi beach for the icebergs ocean pool – from the walkaway you can take a photo of this iconic pool. If you want you can swim in it for $6.50 and even use the sauna! Note, Bondi beach is no where near as Nice as Coogee beach which is a 15minute drive away, a $25 taxi or a 1 hour bus with transfer.

  • Rock pools – Sydney boasts many rock pools and it was one of the number one things on my list – my favourite one (I only went to 2) was Giles Baths, Coogee – first it’s free, second it’s set a little but on a hilltop and backs against the beach with views of the coast and crystal clear albeit cold water. It’s also good to mention that the rocks are quite slippery and there are no change rooms (Wylie’s baths just down the way have all the ammenties with a $5 fee but I don’t think it’s as stunning but more convenient let’s say if you have a family)
  • Try All You Can Eat Pizza at The Society in Bondi on Mondays and Tuesdays  – $20 for pizza that my Italian friends say rivals Italy. It was delicious.

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