This vs That

In today’s world it seems that we fall into one side or the other. Team Jen or Team Angelina, Noodles or Rice…and so here is the first edition of what side I’m on because for some reason, I think you care.


Team Jen vs Team Angelina:

She's my friend with great hair!

She’s my friend with great hair!

Team Jen. I’ve always been Team Jen. First, I think she’s so funny – I mean in a more subtle way, not in your face but she’s funny. And I loved her in Horrible Bosses both 1 & 2 PLUS she was on F.R.I.E.N.D.S and don’t you feel like everyone on that show is kind of your friend?

And like Angelina fans, like really – she kept a vile of  blood around her neck, she kissed her brother on the red carpet – lest we forget she’s done some weird stuff.

Noodles vs Rice:

Honestly when I was a kid, I didn’t even like rice – I was like the most unAsian kid alive. And instead of eating rice I used to make myself a baked potato. I would stab it with a fork, stick it in the microwave and then eat it with mayonnaise which I thought was sour cream because heck – I’m just a kid, they look the same, so whatever. For years I didn’t eat rice and then of course my inner Asian could take no more and now I eat rice but what I really love is NOODLES. And I’ve combined my love for rice with noodles so that my favourite type of noodles are rice noodles. I could literally eat rice noodles every day of my life and gain 300 lbs and just be like you know what? Love me.

Black vs White:

This should be a no brainer – it’s obviously black, sometimes I wear all white but that’s just a summer time thing. I was thinking the other day about my handbags and just like black, and any handbag I want to get is black and for some reason this bothered me. But you know what? Why not? I’ve always loved black. I wear a lot of black. One of my most fav handbags is so black! I love it! Like black with black hardware, it’s my favourite thing.

One time I read that people who wear a lot of black feel really heavy and carry around a lot of emotion and take on other people’s feelings too. I think I feel that. Just sidebar.

Savoury vs Sweet:

I could just have a salt lick and be good. I’m all about sodium. I love it – my body less so but whatever. Sweets are good and some I like but give me a choice and I am going salty every time!

Pets vs No Pets:

Pets no bueno. Like so much fur, and maintenance and slobber sometimes. It’s just not or me. Some animals – I will admit are like SOOOO CUTE I wanna die. Shila the Pom, Maru the Cat – my Corgi puppy friend down the street. But like I only want really Shila or the cat – and they have to get groomed all the time.


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